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The fight against T. solium

The worldwide fight against Taenia solium (pork tapeworm) is facing three different challenges


Estimated billions are affected - the infection causing epilepsy, blindness and death


Although affordable therapeutics exist, they don't reach patients in infectious hotspots


No methods suited for field use are yet available preventing the identification of infectious hotspots

The vision of diagnost-x

Developing a low cost, easy-to-handle diagnostic test for infection with the tapeworm Taenia solium

Target Identification

We sequenced 96 million RNAs and mapped them against about 12.000 Genes of T. saginata, T. asiatica and T. solium. The expression level of unique RNAs was analyzed. We identified 215 unique, potential diagnost-x targets.

The colour intensity is proportional to the expression of each identified possible target.

First RNA isolation from T. solium eggs avoiding hatching procedure

Sensor Design

Based on the analysis of the build-plan of different published toehold sensors, our In Silico Team generated a first generation of switches. Further optimisation based on testing results let us to the establishment of our software for in silico design. Selected Switches were furthermore tested in the following testing pipeline.

Refined preselection of promising sensors thanks to established software

Sensor Screening

The designed switches from the In Silico Team were assembled using Extension PCR. Assembled Sensors passed all through the standard screening in liquid phase.

6 successfully working sensors detected thanks to our high flow-through Screening Pipeline

Considerating future application from Day 1

Developing a diagnostic test needs careful consideration of the circumstances in which the toll will be used - therefore we spared no expense and investigated local circumstances in India.

Find out more about what the insight we gained in India!

Raising awareness for T. solium

Neglected Tropical Diseases have few platforms in the eastern world since they don't affect people directly. Our mission was to raise awareness for NTDs and provide innovative impulses for the education of a new generation.

Organisation of a congress with over 150 scientists, politicians & students

Route to the Future

The 21st century leaves it's marks - new methods for intelligent assisted education are wanted - and we're on the track of time! Dynamic & new ways of solving problems will determine the success of social entrepreneurship - get started!

Development of an augmented reality app for innovative future education

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