Team:FAFU-CHINA/Judging Form

1.We made two new parts(BBa_K2384005,BBa_K2384008) of our project, and we have already submitted the samples to the iGEM patrs Registry.

2.This year FAFU-CHINA team has siginificantly collaborated with other universities in various ways, including lab troubleshooting, modeling, functional verification and so on.

3.In order to make sure that our project is safe, responsible and good for the world, we communicated with entrepreneur, who has years of field investigation and research experience. And we also add the Safeguard Moudle of our project.

1.We have registered!

2.We have already meet all deliverables!

3.Our wiki is currently you browsing.

4.We participated in the interlab Measurement Study.

1.We interviewed with professor and doctor and communicated with entrepreneur in various major: enviromental engineering and biochemistry, agricultural corporation and heavy metal modifying. We intergrated their advice and ideas in order to better shaping our project.

2.We improve the function of an existing Biobrick part(BBa_K2384006), and then submitted a new part.

3.Considering the implementation in real life, we constructed several models to predict the process in physical condition, including assumptions, relevant data and model results.

4.Demonstrate shows how our project works.