Name Type Description Designer Length
BBa_K2384000 DNA T7 RNA polymerase Yi Cai 2649
BBa_K2384001 DNA Lpp-OmpA-MBP(Pb) Yi Cai 939
BBa_K2384002 DNA Lpp-OmpA-MBP(Hg) Size Cai 939
BBa_K2384003 DNA DsbA+MBP(Pb) Size Cai 963
BBa_K2384004 DNA DsbA+MBP(Hg) Size Cai 963
BBa_K2384005 DNA ACC deaminase Size Cai 469
BBa_K2384006 Composite Pveg+RBS+CspC+6*HIS+T1 terminator+T7 terminator Haiyang Chen 469
BBa_K2384007 DNA GST-CRS5 Size Cai 932
BBa_K2384008 Signalling McpB Size Cai 1986
BBa_K2384009 Regulatory TetR Size Cai 847
BBa_K2384010 Regulatory LacI Size Cai 1427
BBa_K2384011 DNA mf-Lon Size Cai 2619
BBa_K2384013 Composite Repressor gene xylR+Strong PxylA promoter+RBS+GST-CRS5+His-tag Fangfei Niu 2467
BBa_K2384014 Composite Safeguard-toggle switch Fangfei Niu 5004
BBa_K2384015 Composite Repressor gene xylR+Strong PxylA promoter+RBS+Lpp-Omp-MBP(Pb)+His-tag Fangfei Niu 1912
BBa_K2384017 DNA CspC(For Bacillus megaterium) Haiyang Chen 210
BBa_K2384018 Composite Repressor gene xylR+Strong PxylA promoter+RBS+DsbA-MBP(Pb)+His-tag Haiyang Chen 2420


Pveg+RBS+CspC+T1 terminator+T7 terminator

This is an improve part.This gene is a cold resistant gene from the Arctic cryophile Polaribacter irgensii.It can largely increase the cold resistance of bacterias.CDS sequence optimization in (BBa_K538004) is better suited for expression in Bacillus megaterium and we add a 6*His tag at the C end.After that, the promoter (BBa_K143012) and RBS (BBa_K090505) were combined.

Optimization Report

1.Codon Used Adjustment The best value is 1 for sequence optimization.

Before Codon Adjustment

After Codon Adjustment

2.Codon Used Distribution Show the relative codon used distribution

Before Optimization

After Optimization

3.GC Content: The comparison of GC content between original sequence and optimized sequence

Before Optimization

After Optimization

4.Restriction Enzyme

After Optimization

Usage and Biology

Freeze/thaw cycle survival rate of Bacillus megaterium containing an empty vector (red line), a vector carrying CspC gene (blue line).