So in case you were wondering what this is all about . . .

TB, or not TB?
is a project by team IISER Pune India

The project we wish to present at iGEM 2017, called 'TB, or not TB?' addresses the growing need for faster and cost-friendly detection of the tuberculosis bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis . It aims at developing a novel technique for TB diagnosis, which we hope will be faster, cheaper and more reliable than the methods that are currently in use. We plan to do so with the help of the following three modules: Hijack module, Detection module and Termination module. The idea is to make the above modules function in E.coli as a proof of principle and replicate the same in M. Tuberculosis later.



This genetically engineered diagnostic tool uses a bacterial plamid and a phage delivery system which can be easily produced in large numbers. The prototype is made out of plastic.


Hijack module ensures faster growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis which indeed would result in quick diagnosis. This is done with the help of a synthetic genetic oscillator.


Delivery of constructs through phage ensures accurate detection


Safety module is incorporated into the design which would ensure that the superbug does not escape into the wild.


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