Characterization of a Calcium-Sensitive Reporter in
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Project Description

Our current work was inspired by the ability of a thermosensitive ion channel, known as TRPV1, to import calcium into the cell in response to temperature changes. This process could one day be used to provide a method of In-Silico control of genetic circuits in synthetic biology. Our project explores the characterization of a calcium-sensitive reporter in Saccharomyces cerevisiae to monitor gene expression levels within a range of temperatures.

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Human Practices

Human Practices is an integral part of creating impactful relationships with our community, and conducting research that is embraced by a generalized audience. The iGEM competition is centered around synthetic biology, of which includes genetic engineering, which traditionally has been a controversial area of research. Careful consideration of Human Practices ensures that our research is ethical, responsible, safe, secure, and sustainable.

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InterLab Study

The iGEM Measurement Committee aims to develop robust measurement procedures for enhancing the quantification and reproducibility of results through the InterLab Study. The objective of the 2017 InterLab Study is to determine absolute units for measuring green fluorescent protein (GFP) that are easily comparable regardless of the type of plate reader used to make the measurement. We used a standardized protocol and analysis method for measuring GFP with a BioTek Synergy 4 plate reader.

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About Us

The Lubbock_TTU Team is part of a student organization at Texas Tech University known as iGEM Raiders. This year, the Lubbock_TTU team is composed of 10 undergraduate and graduate students.

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