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Ciara Fromwiller

Ciara Fromwiller
Ciara is an MSU, Class of 2018, Neuroscience major who plans on researching the human brain and hopefully getting a Nobel Prize for curing a brain tumor!
    Favorite lab tool: Biosafety Cabinet
    me Favorite microbe: Escherichia coli
    Favorite past time: Crocheting
    Favorite music: Rock/Metal
    Favorite motto: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
    Best invention: Bifocals/glasses
    Worst invention: The Shrek flavored Ketchup

Cody Madsen

Cody Madsen
Cody is an MSU, Class of 2018, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology undergraduate who plans on attending Graduate School for Biomedical Engineering in hopes of developing technologies for prosthetics.
    Favorite lab tool: Potentiostat
    Favorite microbe:Methylobacterium
    Favorite past time: Motorcross
    Favorite music: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Favorite motto: "Live and let die."
    Best invention: Dual-Clutch Transmission
    Worst invention: Infomercials

Serenity Tyll

Serenity Tyll
Serenity is an MSU, Class of 2018, Animal Science undergraduate with an interest of research in the study of animal nutrition, behavior, reproduction in dairy cattle and with the long-term goal of continuing education through graduate study or veterinary school.
    Favorite lab tool: Bunsen Burner
    Favorite microbe: Rumen microbes
    Favorite past time: Riding horses
    Favorite music: Country
    Favorite motto: "Live life at full gallop."
    Best invention: The wheel
    Worst invention: Stop lights

Brian Amburn

Brian is an MSU, Class of 2019, Biochemistry and Genetics dual major who is going to re-write your genome!
    Favorite lab tool: Spectrometer
    Favorite microbe: Deinococcus radiodurans
    Favorite past time: Doing experiments in his basement.
    Favorite motto: "R.I.P."
    Best invention: CRISPR
    Worst invention: Nuclear Warheads

Noelia Barvo

Noelia is an MSU, Class of 2020, Chemical Engineering undergraduate who plans on going to graduate school to continue studying Biochemical Engineering and become an R&D Chemical Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Favorite lab tool: Table-top Centrifuge
    Favorite microbe: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Favorite past time: Going to art museums!
    Favorite music: R&B
    Favorite motto: "Follow your passions."
    Best invention: Linear Perspective in art
    Worst invention: Readymade art


Michaela TerAvest

Michaela TerAvest
    Favorite lab tool: Anaerobic Chamber
    Favorite microbe: "Shewanella, of course!"
    Favorite past time: Mountain biking
    Favorite music: Folk and Americana
    Favorite motto: "Be safe, have fun."
    Best invention: "Not published yet, I'll get back to you in a couple of years. :)"
    Worst invention: Breakfast lasagna

Danny Ducat

Danny Ducat
    He was too cool to answer these questions working with his Cyanobacteria ;)
      -Michaela TerAvest

Tim Whitehead

Tim Whitehead
    Favorite lab tool: Illumina miseq
    Favorite microbe: Cerevisiae
    Favorite past time: Biking
    Favorite music: Dad Rock
    Favorite motto: Sanity
    Best invention: Nicking mutagenesis
    Worst invention: "All inventions are the favorites in the eyes of the creators."

Bjoern Hamberger

Bjoern Hamberger
    Favorite lab tool: "Friday afternoon beer; nothing promotes science like it."
    Favorite microbe: The moss, Physcomitrella patens
    Favorite past time: "Hanging out in my man cave listening to zombie stories, feeding peanuts to the dog."
    Favorite music: Chill out
    Favorite motto: "Second mouse gets the cheese"
    Best invention: Vertical indoor veggie patch
    Worst invention: Eastern blot (never made it out of the wild discussion stage)

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