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Sensing App

Why do we build this App?

Sometimes fish farmers can not get accurate data in time and thereby can’t take actions immediately to prevent water quality from getting bad. Furthermore, fish farmers might forget when and where exactly the sample is taken.

How do we build it?

Mostly Android studio, MP android Chart and Google map API.

What is the function of this App?

Integrating accurate nitrate sensor and other sensors into our boat, it can send instant data to the server automatically and our App can demonstrate those data immediately.

This is home page of our App

software image 1

For the sake of clear data visualization, we use tools to draw line graphs to show the history of levels of nitrate, water temperature and pH value.

software image 2

Simply just tap on the cursor and it will show users where and when the sample is taken.

software image 3

you will also receive the notification which reminds you to change E. coli powder everyday.

software image 4

Users can also contact us by visiting our official website.

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Education App

Why do we construct this App?

In order to evoke the curiosity of elementary school students toward science and synthetic biology, we built this app with Q&A game and snake game. Students can acquire new knowledge and have fun at the same time.

How do we construct this App?

Android studio.

What is the function of this App?

The Home page of this APP.

software image 6

The first game “snake”.

software image 7

The first game, called snake, is similar to the classic game snake but has different types of food for snake to eat. After eating them, the snake will grow longer and become a biobrick in the end. Achieving the goal of promoting synthetic biology and having fun.

The game “Q&A”.

software image 8

In addition, there is also a Q&A game. By answering synthetic biology related questions, students will enjoy the game and acquire new knowledge simultaneously.
What’s more, students can also check out achievements they made to know whether they have gotten all trophies in the game.

Achievement System.

software image 9

Get more detail about our App.

Git Hub

Project owner Lee-Hsun, Hsieh