Team:NYU Abu Dhabi/Attributions

We would like to thank the following individuals and departments for their help in making our project this year a success:

  • Professor Kourosh Salehi-Ashtiani, Professor Yong-Ak Song , and Professor Mazin Magzoub, for leading our efforts and facilitating our research as principal investigators.
  • Ibrahim Chehade, Mona Kalmouni, and Ashley Isaac, for being wonderful instructors in guiding us throughout the technical aspects of our project.
  • Julie Brookes, for ensuring a smooth process of our effort from the beginning to the end.
  • Adrienne Chang and Khairunnisa Semesta, for leading the 2017 NYUAD iGEM team.
  • Xi Wei, for being a source of information and help in setting up our LAMP assay.
  • Nisala Saheed, for designing the E. coLAMP logo and the roll-up banner.
  • Nouf Al-Hamly, for reaching out to the UAE high school students and facilitating our synthetic biology workshop.
  • Brighton College, for attending our synthetic biology workshop enthusiastically.
  • Joaquín Kunkel, for designing the postcard for the Düsseldorf-Köln collaboration.
  • Tomas Venit and the NYUAD Percipalle Lab, for helping us troubleshoot our cloning experiment and giving us access to their pJET cloning vector.
  • Agung Astuti and Triwibowo Yuwono, for facilitating the elementary school workshop about food safety in Indonesia and helping us troubleshoot our restriction digest experiments.
  • Matthew Karau, for helping us in preparing for the high school engineering workshop and providing us the necessary materials.
  • Professor Philip Panicker, for helping us with the heating experiments.
  • Barkin Simsek, for helping with the Peltier heater testing in the early stages of development.
  • Freepik, for providing the graphics used in the design of our webpages.

Special thanks to David Scicchitano, NYU Abu Dhabi Science and Engineering Divisions, and the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology for providing the funding, the space for our academic growth, and the support that made this entire project possible.