Team:PASantiago Chile


Our Project

"Our project is directed mainly to radiologists and medical technologists due to they are constantly exposed to ionizing radiation, which is harmful to the body and accumulates over the years, causing from skin problems to different types of cancer."


Biological Option

"Blueberi" is a biological option to dosimeters that currently Work to measure how much radiation the specialist was exposed. The problem with these devices is that the results can be affected by different external factors as well as adulterations when they are sent to the National Health Service.


Potential Risk

"Our project will give an immediate response to the exposure to high ionizing radiation levels , thanks to the use of genetically modified bacteria that will measure the mutation of DNA, it's going to change color and release a lemon scent, so the specialist has a double warning that the professional is in a potential risk."

The bacteria detects ionizing radiation at harmful levels and the product emits an odor lemon and a violet pigment, alerting the specialist that is in an environment with levels of radiation harmful to your body and can also evacuate the area in time to reduce the amount of damage possible.