Peking iGEM 2017

Integrated & Gold

We took part in three major aspects of Integrated human practice work. First of all, we evaluated the possible impact of our work by visiting two distinguished synthetic biology companies. We then visited both an electrical engineering expert and a synthetic biologist, creating an interdisciplinary communication environment. Based on their feedback, we did some further works to bridge the two types of researchers. As it is the 10th anniversary of Peking iGEM, we organized a series of activities to commemorate the culture and spirit of the team.

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Public Engagement & Education

This year, Peking iGEM made much effort outside the lab to establish a dialogue about synthetic biology between us and the public. Besides sharing synthetic biology knowledge with professors and students from the department of electrical engineering and computer science, we developed a web game, constructed a wiki-based idea-sharing community, co-organized the 4th CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer Committee) and impressed middle school students with interactive classes and OpenLab activities.

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