Team:Queens Canada/Attributions

Project Advisors

Dr. John Allingham: Professor of Biochemistry, Queen's University

As our principle investigator and advisor for QGEM 2017, Dr. Allingham supported our team every step of the way by offering lab space, equipment, reagents, training, and expertise on everything from cloning strategies to protein purification.

Dr. Peter Davies: Professor of Biochemistry, Queen's University

Our resident antifreeze protein expert, Dr. Davies provided our team with invaluable guidance and resources, particularly with respect to the M. hydrocarbonoclasticus wing of the project. Dr. Davies also provided QGEM with lab space, reagents, and access to his marine bacteria strains.

Dry Lab

Dr. Robert Campbell: Assistant Professor, Queen's University. 

Provided assistance and guidance to the modeling group, offering his expertise and experience in understanding and utilizing molecular simulations to test our designs. He also helped us with PyMol scripting, as well as in choosing the C-type lectin domain.

Graeme Baker: Graduate Student, Queen's University. 

Provided vital assistance and guidance to complete ratiometric modelling program/simulation, through extensive knowledge of Python.

Wet Lab

Jacqueline Hellinga: Graduate student in the Allingham lab. 

Taught the wet lab all the tricks of the trade, offering her expertise in cloning, protein expression and protein purification every step of the way. She also helped us interpret unexpected results and solve any problems we encountered.

Tyler Vance: Graduate Student in the Davies lab

Assisted in teaching the team about protein purification methods, as well as cloning troubleshooting. Tyler also generously provided us with the MhLap Region III of M. hydrocarbonoclasticus he had previously cloned into an expression vector.

Dr. Corey Stevens: Graduate Student in the Davies lab

Our resident microfluidics expert. He helped us obtain the fluorescent microfluidics images of M. hydrocarbonoclasticus binding dextran.

Dragos Chiriac QGEM Alumnus

Dragos drew upon his years of QGEM experience to help us with construct design, cloning, and troubleshooting.