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Stony Brook 2017

Our Inspiration:

iGEM SDU 2016

The students from University of Southern Denmark developed an idea for a bandage with an envelope of biocompatible plastic (poly-β-hydroxybutyrate, PHB) and a pad consisting of silk with incorporated bacteriocins. “Bacto-Aid” integrated many materials to facilitate healing and prevent infections, however our team was particularly interested in SDU’s development of “hybrid bacteriocins”. This technique of linking bacteriocins with a three glycine residue to enhance the efficiency of their killing activity, provided an interesting area of research that ultimately became the basis of our project’s design.


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Our Advisors

  • Dr. John Peter Gergen, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, is our faculty supervisor and served as a point of contact with the Department of Undergraduate Biology. He shared his expertise on our project formulation and presentation.
  • Dr. Jarrod French, Department of Chemistry, provided many helpful insights to refine our project and protocols.
  • Dr. Gabor Balazsi, Department of Biomedical Engineering, helped us understand the kinetics behind our project.
  • Dr. Steven Glynn, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, assisted us with his suggestions on cell lysis and protein purification.
  • Dr. Joshua Rest, Department of Ecology and Evolution, helped us model our phylogenic tree.

Department of Undergraduate Biology

  • Dr. Marvel O' Neal assisted us with interlab and provided us access to a plate reader.
  • Nancy Black acted as a liaison whenever we needed to carry out a transaction or needed access to funds to buy laboratory supplies.
  • Mary Bernero is the lab manager and helped us with setup and troubleshooting of equipment.

Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology

  • Dr. Sangeet Honey offered his expertise during MRSA testing and ensured safety regulations were strictly followed.


We would like to thank Dr. Sharon Nachman, Chief of Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, for being a part of our integrated human practices and taking the time to share her insights on the clinical application of our project.

A special thank you to Dr. Steven Galson, a Stony Brook alumni, whose donations and support helped us immensely.

We would like to thank all the former Stony Brook iGEM members from past teams who guided us throughout this amazing journey.

Our Sponsors: