Quenching the fire out of Fire Blight.

Erwinions is a biological control product that serves as a protecting agent which has a genetically modified strain Erwinia amylovora. Tec Chihuahua´s proposal arose after we researched and learned about the necessities and problems from farmers that grow crops of the Rosaceae family. E. amylovora represents a big threat as there is no effective treatment for the disease it causes and, if not inhibited or fought properly, it can cause the loss of the whole tree/plant.

Therefore we had two types of E. amylovora: a wild type that wreaks havoc in Rosaceae orchards, which we called purple Erwinia, and a genetically modified E. amylovora (yellow) which has all its virulence factors inhibited, and will help combat exogenous E. amylovora by competition. This type of symbiosis is called commensalism, where, one of the species is unharmed and the other one is benefited; in this case the Rosaceae plant.

Project Structure