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iGEM Tokyo Tech

Do you want to photosynthesize or fix nitrogen by yourself?

If one-time cancer treatment lasts forever, don't you think it's amazing?

If you could co-exist with bacteria, you could be a super human. We named this new type of human 'Coli Sapiens.' Currently, however, there's no way to co-culture bacteria and human cells under in vitro conditions. If you'd like to co-culture them artificially, you have to clear two tasks below.

1. Establishing a cross-kingdom talk between human cells and bacteria

2. Sustaining the balance between human cells and bacteria

To clear these tasks, we tried to establish a cross-kingdom talk and creating a co-culture model.


In a real world, multiple kinds of organisms co-exist and the ecosystem is sustained by their mutual dependence. However, in iGEM community, it's been a standard to use single organism in project and it's not an overstatement that most teams don't take it into account. Therefore, to target "true human organism", it's necessary to establish the system that human cells and bacteria co-exist under in vitro conditions. Our co-culture system will be a big progress for iGEM and synthetic biology.