About GeneHackers

Genehackers is a recognized undergraduate student association with The University of Chicago. Founded in 2013, our organization aims to raise awareness about synthetic biology through community and research. We have competed in the iGem competition since the founding of our group. Our team has created innovative projects that bring synthetic biology to the center of the laboratory experience.
This year, UChicago Genehackers has set out to design the first yeast centromeric plasmid for Pichia pastoris.

iGem 2017

Our team has already made significant strides towards creating the proposed centromeric plasmid vector. We have grown psB1C3mut in LB+CAM (chloramphenicol), psD000 in LB+CAM and drop-out arginine plates and psD001 in LB+CAM. Additionally, we have amplified five potential centromeric regions in total from the chromosomal DNA of Pichia pastors.