KEY.COLI Inspired Games


The Key:


    Play "The Key" a post apocalyptic game inspired by the problems with current non-biological keys.

    a point and click adventure inspired by old school games of the 80s and 90s.

    Plague Inc: Custom Scenario


      Play our custom scenario called "The Plasmid" for a fun look at what a future involving a highly exaggerated plasmid might involve. Search "Plasmid" in the custom scenarios menu

      Fluorescent Arcade


        a competent bacteria and see your powers grow as you collect DNA to form the "Key.Coli" Plasmid. Recolour the dark world of microbes with your proteins. There are infinite levels.

        Nott Portal

        It's finally here! Return back to Aperture Science and uncover the secret of the ill-fated Key.Coli project in this full 3D fan sequel of Portal 2. Travel through new puzzles, meet new characters and escape Aperture before it's too late!

        Download our game here

        Please note: The project belongs to Valve Corp and the developers of the original games. This is a fan work. All rights are reserved.