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Cas9 & Cpf1 secretion
and activity
Comparison of endonuclease activity for Cas9 and Cpf1 that has been produced in, and excreted by, HEK293 cells.
MESA two-component system replication
Details on the MESA two-component system, explanation of its relation to our design and the results of its reproduction.
OUTCASST system production
Detailed explanation of the OUTCASST mechanism, experimental progress and technical prospects.
Modeling and
Ordinary differential equations, cellular automaton and an object based model for optimal linker-length estimation.
InterLab study participation
Results and details of our measurements for the iGEM 2017 InterLab Study.
Stakeholders & opinions
Interviews and dialogues with stakeholders, potential users, third parties and experts relating to pathogen detection or DNA-based diagnostics.
Risks & safety-issues
Implications and design considerations relating to safety in the usage and implementation of OUTCASST as a diagnostics tool.
Design & integration
OUTCASST toolkit and product design with factors such as bio-safety and user-friendliness taken into account.
Videos we made for the dutch public, together with 'de Kennis van Nu'.
Meet our team
About us, our interests and roles in the team and our supervisors.
A listing of our sponsors, how they assisted us and our gratitude for their assistance.
Read about our exchanges with other iGEM teams and government agencies.
A short description of all that we have achieved during our participation in the iGEM.
A thank-you for everyone that assited us, both in and outside the lab.