Team Member

  • Chun Li (李春)

    Ph.D., Tianjin University. Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology . Winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Deputy director of Academy of Sciences and Materials of Beijing Institute of Technology;Prof. Li’s research interests are in the fields of Synthetic biology, Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering, Space Microbiotechnology. He has already published SCI 91 academic theses.

  • Bo lv (吕波)

    Ph.D., Beijing Institute of Technology chemical engineering and technology. Mainly engaged in the researching of the fields of molecular biology and enzyme engineering or related. He has SCI 8 academic theses published.

  • TongJin Jia(贾锦彤)

    I’m the eldest member in this team. As an advisor, I’m in charge of sweet receptor expression and speech organization. I believe there's always a way as long as you maintain in a good state of mind.

  • JiangPing Ni(倪江萍)

    I am mainly responsible for the route of sensing sweetness and the host detection. My major is biology and my interests include singing and playing volleyball. I am an outgoing girl and I like to meet different people and go to different places.

  • ShiChao Ren (任师超)

    As an advisor, I'm in charge of the work that related to the transformation of the host. I'm drunk in biochemical engineering and still not awake. If there is no lemon so sour you can't make something resembling lemonades, maybe I just need some to sober up.

  • Tian Jiang (姜恬)

    Hello, my name is Tian Jiang. I am a graduate student in BIT majoring in Biology. My research area is enzyme engineering. I am a girl interested in reading and running, besides I enjoy the entertainment in scientific research process. Luckily, I join in the 2017 iGEM competition as an adviser in BIT-China and my mission is to help the undergraduate students to solve the problems in this research and give proper suggestions. Thanks all my teammates.

  • JingPeng Hu (胡鹏晶)

    My grandmother once said : ”you will change the world in the future, my dear grandson.” So today, I am here and join the iGEM 2017 in order to make my grandmother’s dream come true. Save the world and protect the all human being! If you also have the same dream, I will be with you!

  • Yu Zhang (张宇)

    My name is Zhang Yu, a student from the bioengineering major of Beijing Institute of Technology. I'm outgoing and energetic. In BIT-CHINA , I am mainly responsible for the work of the reformation of host and the synthesis of T1R3. I appreciate that the competition help me improve my ability and make many friends.

  • Lu Chen (陈璐)

    Hi! I’m Lu Chen majoring in biotechnology. I’m responsible for the signal reporter device and paperwork. I like watching movies, TV shows, and animation, but I’m not a otaku girl. Joining in iGEM and working with my teammates make me feel like we can change the world, and we will.

  • QiWei Huang (黄绮薇)

    Hi!I'm Qiwei Huang. My major is biotechnology. In BIT-China, I am mainly responsible for art design and I am pretty enjoy it. I wish Sugar Hunter would provide people with a new method and idea towards taste bio-sensing. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

  • JiaQI Bai (白嘉琪)

    Hello, my major is biotechnology and I'm in charge of the experiment of signal delivery and art design. My hobbies is playing badminton and swimming. And my favorite animal is dog. I am very glad to be one of the members in this team and I love my teammates. They are excellent!

  • Chen Tian (田琛)

    My name is Chen Tian, a student of biological engineering. In our project, I am mainly responsible for the experimental part. I like reading, especially in literature history. I also enjoy traveling, feeling the splendidness of different cultures.

  • HongYu Yang (阳洪宇)

    Majoring in biology, I feel happy to participate in iGEM. I'm vice captain for BIT-China. I love rising to the challenge. iGEM is a challenge for me, but I love it very much. I make many good friends in iGEM.

  • LingLing Luo (罗玲玲)

    My name is Luo Lingling and I am a cheerful and smiling girl. I like guitar and reading books. I am a member of the host transformation and host testing of BIT-China. I am mainly responsible for the experimental part.

  • JunXia Qi (祁俊霞)

    My major is biology. And I’m responsible for the reformation of the host. I like running. Being positive, optimistic and hardworking is my life creed. I’m always doing, and will go on. My motto is: "Excellence is a habit!"

  • XiangXiao Xue (薛项潇)

    Hi~ Sugar Hunter sounds cool! Ohhaha, I’m one of his fathers. I major in biotechnology now. Working hard with BIT-China is so crazy and I like it. Let’s swing together for iGEM! Fighting!

  • YanTing Zhao (赵赞延)

    My name is Zanyan Zhao, a student from the biotechnology major of YAN 'AN university. In BIT-CHINA, I am mainly responsible for the work of receptor expression and component standardization. I like working out and reading in my life. And the competition made me fall in love with the lab.

  • Rui He (何芮)

    hey, I'm a student from BIT, majored in biomedical engineering. Sometimes I can leave everything behind just for playing, but when It's time to do my work, I will concentrate on it.

  • HuiMing Hu (胡辉明)

    Hi, everyone, I am Huiming Hu, a sophomore student of BIT. I am majoring in biomedical engineering in school of life science. My hobby is reading, and my favorite book is Han Fei Zi. In addition, I also like to play tennis, outdoor hiking, mountain climbing and other sports. I am responsible for modeling in BIT-China.

  • BingYu Cai (蔡冰玉)

    My name is Bingyu Cai, my major is bioengineering. In this team I’m responsible for the work of human sweet receptor synthesis. I like Chinese classical poetry and dancing.

  • Tao Shi (石涛)

    yohho~I'm a student from BIT, majoring in biological engineering. Name? Tao Shi. What I did in this team in this competetion is art design, and some experiment. I love biology, so do drawing pictures. And l'm very willing to make friends with you~

  • YiMa Hua (马艺华)

    I'm the only high school student in this team and I'm responsible for the speech, human practice and some paperwork. In my spare time, I would like to play basketball and learn some fantastic biology knowledge that I would never learn in school at this stage. I intend to study biomedicine science as major in university, and that's why I am here and explore the "sugar hunter" with my teammates.