In a parallel galaxy, there were two brothers named T1R2 and T1R3, they lived in a galaxy that was under the threat of sweet monsters who wanted to rule the galaxy. Though the brothers were born with the ability to eat these monsters, they were too weak to fight with so many enemies. To be stronger, they asked the battle creatures who lived in planet JB486 for help and sent their genes to a battle king SC84117 in the meantime. Driven by a mysterious force from the depths of the universe, the battle king, after adopting the gene T1R2/T1R3, lost its genes ste2, sst2 and far1. After integration with T1R2/T1R3 perfectly, something magical happened, a spaceship with a red ruler appeared. The battle king transformed into this spaceship which can eat sweet monsters, known as the Sugar Hunter. Since then, he travels all around the galaxy to fight sweet monsters and use the red ruler to measure them, the galaxy stays peaceful ever after.