2.14-4.14:team recruitment & brainstorm

4.14-6.20: core part synthesis and heterologous expression

4.14-5.2: core part-T1R2/T1R3 synthesis completely through OE-PCR.

4.30-6.20: heterologous expression of T1R2/T1R3. Click here to see more details.


4.30-5.5: finished several sweeteners'docking as well as T1R2/T1R3 PDB file construction. Different sweeteners docked to the sweet taste receptor T1R2/T1R3.Click here to see more details.

5.5-5.15: MAPK pathway signal modeling. Click here to see more details.

5.2-8.20: pathway optimization

5.2-7.1: single gene knockout

7.1-8.5: any two of the three genes knockout and three genes knockoutClick here to see more details.

8.5-8.20: characterization of engineered strains

8.21-10.20: Verification of the new pathway

8.21-9.13: establishment of the detection circuit .Click here to see more details.

9.13-9.26: verification of the new pathway

9.27-10.10: sweetness meter verification

10.8-10.20: parts standardization

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