Team:British Columbia/Attributions



Christine Kim, Megan Wolf, Evan Gibbard, Kevin Kuchinski, Ashley Arnold, Kateryna Ievdokymenko


Mitch Syberg-Olsen, Rodrigo Vallejos, Angel Madero, David Goertsen, Kevin Kuchinski, Kateryna Ievdokymenko


Benny Lin, Leif Pedersen, Kevin Kuchinski

Plasmid Maintenance

Tamar Av-Shalom, Emma Stanley, Riley Whittaker, Kateryna Ievdokymenko


Leif Pedersen, Mitch Syberg-Olsen, Angel Madero, Conner Morgan-Lang, David Goertsen

Human Practices

Tarryn Monteiro, Emma Stanley, Riley Whittaker, Benny Lin, Catherine Pan, Christine Kim, Ashley Arnold, David Goertsen


Christine Kim, Leif Pedersen, Evan Gibbard, Ashley Arnold

Wiki Design

Tamar Av-Shalom


Rodrigo Vallejos, David Goertsen

Project Video

Catherine Pan, Riley Whittaker, David Goertsen

Visual Design, Logo, and Animation

Catherine Pan

Presentation Preparation

Catherine Pan, Riley Whittaker, Mitch Syberg-Olsen, Emma Stanley, Tarryn Monteiro, David Goertsen, Ashley Arnold


Riley Whittaker, Mitch Syberg-Olsen, Emma Stanley


Catherine Pan, Mitch Syberg-Olsen, Rodrigo Vallejos, Christine Kim, Megan Wolf, Leif Pederson, Riley Whittaker, Emma Stanley, David Goertsen, Ashley Arnold, Kateryna Ievdokymenko

A very special thanks to our faculty advisors Dr. Steven Hallam and Dr. Michael Murphy for providing us with your equipment, guidance and lab space for our project.

Thank you to Dr. Xin Li and PhD Candidate Zhongshou Wu for providing strains of Agrobacterium, pCambia GV3101.1 plasmid, 100mM acetosyringone, and guidance to our project throughout the process of working with Agrobacterium.

Thank you Dr. Yadav and masters candidate Daniel Korvin for the use of their lab space, CRISPR/Cas9, anhydrotetracycline and guidance during the project development and short guide RNA design and troubleshooting.

Thank you to the Davies lab and the Gaynor lab for their donation of gentamicin to our team.

Thank you to Dr. Gillian Dean from the Haughn lab for providing us with additional Agrobacterium strains.

Thank you Tom Balke and James Wells for sharing your advice, expertise and contacts with us for our fundraising efforts.

Thank you to Dr. Santa Ono, Dr. Xin Li, Dr. Wanyin Deng, Dr. Guus Bakkeren, and Dr. Linda Delli Santi for their expertise and time offered for our project interviews.



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