Validated Parts

BioBrick Name Plasmid
BBa_K2271066 mRuby-ePts1 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271062 Pex13-mTurquoise pSB1C3
BBa_K2271060 Snc1 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271103 Pex15 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271106 Pts1 variant P3 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271107 Pex5 variant 19 comp pSB1C3
BBa_K2271014 VioA pSB1C3
BBa_K2271017 VioE pSB1C3
BBa_K2271115 ADH alcohol dehydrogenase pSB1C3
BBa_K2271116 ADH Pts1 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271118 ValS pSB1C3
BBa_K2271124 ValS Pts1 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271021 pH sensitive green fluorescent protein for yeast expression pSB1C3
BBa_K2271023 reduction-oxidation sensitive green fluorescent protein for yeast expression pSB1C3
BBa_K2271024 reduction-oxidation sensitive green fluorescent protein with Pts1 for Yeast expression pSB1C3
BBa_K2271142 ePts pSB1C3
BBa_K2271143 Pex3 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271144 Pex26 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271145 Bacteriorhodopsin pSB1C3
BBa_K2271013 Pex34p with Copper inducible promotor pSB1C3
BBa_K2271010 Pex34p with ScCCW12 promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271008 Pex34-mTurquoise with Galactose inducible promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271007 Pex34p-mTurquoise with ScPAB1 promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271006 Pex34p-mTurquoise with ScCCW12 promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271003 Pex11-mVenus with galactose-inducible promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271002 Pex11-mVenus with ScPAB1 promoter pSB1C3
BBa_K2271000 Pex11 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271005 Pex34 coding sequence pSB1C3
BBa_K2271011 Pex34 with ScPAB1 promoter no tag pSB1C3
BBa_K2271012 Pex34 with galactose inducible promoter pSB1C3

Other Parts

BioBrick Name Plasmid
BBa_K2271105 Pex5 variant R15 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271067 Pex5 variant R19 pSB1C3
BBa_K2271016 Pts1 variant P* pSB1C3
BBa_K2271104 Pex13 membrane anchor pSB1C3
BBa_K2271026 roGFP2 with Pts1 and Pex13-mRuby fusion construct pSB1C3
BBa_K2271141 PEX13 mRuby comp pSB1C3