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The TU Darmstadt iGEM Team 2017 highly appreciates all the support that was provided by so many people and would like to say thank you!

First and foremost, we would like thank the working group of Professor Warzecha for providing us with a lab, advice and materials. Especially, we would like to offer our sincerest thanks to Simone Bartl-Zimmermann for managing our orders, as well as for always supporting us.
Prof. Warzecha, thank you for being our advisor and spending so much time and effort on our project. You made it possible for us to plan, organize, and carry out our own project.

We would like to thank Prof. Moerschbacher and his team for supporting us.
Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Nour Eddine El Gueddari (WWU Münster) for his idea concerning a hydrogel.

We would also like to thank the working group of Prof. Süß for always supporting us with materials and expertise.
The working groups Laube, Bertl, Stein, Kolmar, Fessner and Koeppl also provided materials, the possibility to work in their lab and advice. In the end, these things made it possible for us to carry out all the different parts of our project.

For advice, good conversations and sharing their experiences, we would like to thank former iGEM team members. Especially, we want to thank our instructor Thea Lotz. Also we would like to mention Jonas Sindlinger and Leon Kraus, who supported us with their expertise during the project. A special thank you is for Benjamin Mayer, who took care of the IT infrastructure, over the years. A big help was Katharina Geißler, who pointed us to the purification method we used for our enzyme NodB. She also held a workshop about gene expression.
A lot of thanks to Marietheres Kleuter, Ann Schirin Mirsanaye and Thomas Dohmen, who organized great presentations and poster workshops. Also, the entire project monitoring deserves great appreciation from the whole team.
Also, we have to thank Sebastian Barthel who gave us great support in the beginning and helped to pass the iGEM spirit to a newer generation. Daniel Stumpf was and is a helping hand when it comes up to motivate iGEMers to keep on going on their scientific path.

We like to thank Viktor Vanharra who held a workshop for our sponsoring team. We are thanking Ilhan Simsiki, Leonhard Wiedmann, Tobias Huber, Claas Völcker and Alexander Nagl for realizing our project CloneCademy.

A big help was Alexander Gräwe, because of his supervision during protein purification and his kind help with our laboratory difficulties.

The hardware team thanks Prof. Dr. Kabisch for providing a 3D printer, recycable technical devices, as well as advice, and also PD Stefan Breuer (Research Group Applied semiconducter optics) for advising us in optical details and sharing optical equipment.

We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Schönherr (Universität Siegen), Dr. Olga Avrutina, Francois-Xavier Lehr, Tim Prangemeier and Marie-Luise Reif for supporting our chemistry team.

Here, we also want to mention CodeCademy, for providing online courses on HTML and serving as the inspiration for our own site, CloneCademy.

The biological department at TU Darmstadt offered us financial support and the possibility to use their buildings. We would like to thank the team from the biological department's workshop, as well, for solving our technical problems.

Of course, we are thanking our sponsors without whom our project would not have been possible.


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