Team:TU Darmstadt/judging



Here we present you an overview of the medal criteria and how we tackled them. We also present a list of the special prizes we applied for, and where you can find our work regarding them.

Medal Criteria

Bronze Medal

Criteria What have we achieved?
1. Take Part We had a great summer and we will have fun at the Jamboree.
2. Deliverables We met all required Deliverables.
3. Attributions We designated every help we got under Attributions.
4. InterLab We took part in the Interlab Measurement Study.

Silver Medal

Criteria What have we achieved?
1. New BioBrick With BBa_K2380041 we created a new BioBrick and proved its functionality. Of course this is not the only BioBrick we made. Find the whole collection here.
2. Collaboration Of course we had some really cool Collaborations.
3. Human Practices We took Human Practices abroad this year. Additionally we worked on a side-project CloneCademy that revolves around the next level of education.

Gold Medal

Criteria What have we achieved?
1. Integrated Human Practices Integrated Human Practices evolved to a game changer for us this year. Prof. Dr. Moerschbacher offered great expertise we could build upon.
2. Improved Part As we realized that Part:BBa_K418007 has several huge problems, we now provide the Chitin Synthase NodC (Part:BBa_K2380000). NodC is fully functional in E.coli and BioBrick conform. Read more about it on our Wiki.
4. Convince that it works We actually got results and can proof that our project works.

Special Prizes

Best Integrated Human Practice Collaboration with Prof. Moerschbacher.
Best Education and Public Engagement CloneCademy. An online learning platform.
Best Hardware We built a Digital Inline Holographic Microscope.
Best Software Tool HoloPyGuy, a hologram reconstruction software.