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Digital Inline Holography Microscopy and its Benefits for You

The motivation of building a DIHM comes with the 'digital lens' functionality of the 3D reconstruction algorithm. Compared with digital holographic microscopy, 3D imaging using classical optics setup is also possible. However, the practice of mechanically recording wavefronts at slightly different distances near the object for 3D imaging would significantly raise up the setup complexity, let alone the high expenses on optical lenses. On the other hand, DIHM uses reconstruction algorithms as a virtual digital lens, to reconstruct the wavefront holograms at various distances, thus offering a cost efficient solution with a much simpler setup, enabling micrometer resolution with 3D imaging.

Picture of our hardwarePicture of software

The beautfiul team behind the technics!
From left to right: Werner Kleindienst, Michelle Zöller, Markus Susenburger, Zinan Liu, Max von Witzleben