Team:WashU StLouis/Collaborations


Throughout the summer, we were able to Skype with several iGEM teams to talk about our projects and discuss possible ideas. We talked with the iGEM teams from Purdue University, University of Iowa, UChicago, Cardiff Wales, and Peshawar

On August 12th, we went down to Rolla, Missouri to Missouri S&T's Midwest regional meetup. It turned out to be just us and them, but we had a great time. We each gave presentations on our projects and gave advice about the designs of our projects and possible areas of outreach

Our main collaboration was with University of Chicago's iGEM team. On our Skype call they offered advice on how to design our box for UV irradiation. We also sent three of our resistance genes, uvsE, Dsup, and phrAC, along with the BCP gene to U Chicago's iGEM team to transform our genes into yeast, in order to see how well the resistance translated to eukaryotic organisms. Unfortunately, the transformations were unsuccessful, but we hopefully will be able to continue the collaboration if our project continues in the future.


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