Team Registration Opens

Registration for the 2017 season will open in February! Team registration fees are the same as last year and will be $4500 USD.



Team Registration Closes

Regular team registration ends at 11:59PM EDT.



Late Team Registration Opens

Late registration for teams will cost $5,000 USD (late fee of $500 USD).


Late Team Registration Closes

Late team registration ends at 11:59PM EDT.



Visa Application Day

Traveling internationally to attend the Giant Jamboree? Be sure to apply for your travel visa early! Information about travel visas and instructions on accessing the iGEM visa application letter system are available on the Visa Help page.

Important: Visa applications can take months to process. The staff members at iGEM Headquarters cannot contact the consulate on your behalf if your visa application is delayed. By applying early, you increase your chances of attaining your visa on time to attend the Giant Jamboree.



Giant Jamboree registration opens

Registration for the Giant Jamboree will open in June! Attendance fees will be $695 per team attendee.


Project Descriptions Due

Preliminary team project descriptions are due June 30th. This description should be posted on your Team Wiki home page (example URL:

Why is this deadline important?
This description will not be used to judge your project. It serves to provide some background on what your team has been working on so far and what you hope to accomplish. It also provides other teams the opportunity to see what you're working on so they can reach out for collaborations or troubleshooting if they are exploring a similar topic.


Safety Form Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 Due

Part 1: Contact
Part 2: About our Lab
Part 3: About our Project


Judge Application Form closes

The Judging Application Form closes.



InterLab Sign-up Deadline (optional activity)

Updated Deadline: The InterLab study can count towards your bronze medal criteria this year! If you want to participate in the InterLab study, sign up by 11:59PM EST today. This is a hard deadline and no teams will be accepted after this deadline.

InterLab details and instructions for how to sign up can be found here.



Giant Jamboree regular registration ends

Regular registration for the Giant Jamboree ends on August 31 at 11:59PM EDT! Teams, please note: at least one team member must be registered by this date in order to ensure you have a presentation session at the Giant Jamboree!



Title and Abstract Freeze

Your team project title and abstract must be finalized by September 1, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
Your team title and abstract are important for both your team Judging Form and the Giant Jamboree Program. You need to add your title and abstract to your Team Profile Page, which will be automatically copied over to your Judging Form. It's the first item about your project that your Judges will see upon viewing your Judging Form, so make sure to submit it on time! We also include your title and abstract in the Giant Jamboree Program Booklet for everyone to see.


Track Selection Freeze

Your team track selection must be finalized by September 1, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
Track selection is important as it directly impacts the Giant Jamboree presentation schedule. We aim to group teams together by track in random groups of three to fit within the presentation schedule easily. Track selection also impacts the awards that will be given out on Monday during the Giant Jamboree (for example, if there are no teams in a specific track, then there will be no award given for that track). Please add your track selection to your Team Profile Page.


Team Roster Freeze

Your team roster must be finalized by September 8, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
For collegiate teams, Team Rosters are used to determine if your team will be categorized as an Undergraduate or Overgraduate team (high school teams are automatically placed into the high school section). This will impact the track awards and special prizes you can compete for during the competition, so make sure your Team Roster is correct and up to date by September 8, 11:59PM EDT. The Team Roster is also used to print your participation certificates for the 2017 competition season. High school teams should submit the applicable consent forms with enough time for processing.


InterLab Data Due (optional activity)

All participating teams need to fill out the three forms for the plate reader and the Excel data sheets (found here). If you also measured the parts with a flow cytometer, please fill out those two forms as well (found here). All data must be submitted by 11:59PM EST today.

Details can be found here.



Safety Form Part 4 and Part 5 Due

Part 4: New Parts
Part 5: Sign Off

The Safety Form must be completed and the safety form submitted by the Instructor or PI by Monday, October 2, 2017. If you will not be able to complete this form before the deadline, please email us (safety AT igem DOT org) and tell us about your situation.


Giant Jamboree Hotel Booking Deadline: Sheraton Hotel

Teams should book their hotel rooms at the Sheraton by October 10th.


Giant Jamboree late registration ends

Late registration for the Giant Jamboree will end on October 13 at 11:59PM EDT. After this deadline, attendees will only be able to register on-site.

Team banner files due

Each team is welcome to submit one banner image for iGEM to print and at the Giant Jamboree. After the event, you are welcome to take it home as a souvenir!


Giant Jamboree Hotel Booking Deadline: Midtown Hotel

Teams should book their hotel rooms at the Midtown by October 25th.


DNA Submission Deadline

You must send your part submissions to iGEM Headquarters by October 27, 11:59PM EDT.
Please note: They do not need to arrive at iGEM Headquarters by this date.

Why is this deadline important?
If you are a team in a Standard Track competing for a medal, you must submit at least one DNA part to us (for silver). Special Track teams do not need to submit a DNA sample for medal consideration, but we do encourage part submission if you have made new parts in order to help the Registry grow. (Full details on medal requirements can be found here.) Also, if you have nominated your team for one of the special part prizes, you must submit that part to us as well.

All teams must include a tracking number with their submissions. We recommend you work on the DNA Submission before finalizing your Judging Form (see next deadline).

After you fill out your DNA Submission form, you should see the status of your parts listed on your Judging Form reflect the sent-by date.


Judging Form Freeze

Your team judging form must be finalized by October 27, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
The Judging Form informs your team's judges about the medal criteria you have fulfilled as well as any special prize(s) you have nominated your team to compete for at the Giant Jamboree. This deadline allows iGEM Headquarters to assign the judges to your team, so this is a very critical deadline for every team. No extensions will be granted (no exceptions!), so please make sure you fill out and save your form by October 27, 11:59PM EDT.



Wiki and Registry Freeze

The Wiki Freeze for the 2017 Giant Jamboree is on November 1, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
Once the wikis are frozen, users can no longer make any changes until they are unfrozen after the Jamboree. Please be sure to read through the the wiki requirements! No extensions will be provided (no exceptions!) and judges will begin their assessment on November 2, so make sure all changes are done by 11:59PM EDT.

PLEASE NOTE: During week of wiki freeze, iGEM experiences higher than normal traffic which can lead to strain on our servers and sessions timing out for users. iGEM HQ recommends that users do not wait till the last days to work on and/or finish their wikis. Edits done during the final week should be very minor edits (spelling mistakes, updating images, etc.).

The Registry Freeze for the 2017 Giant Jamboree is on November 1, 11:59PM EDT.

Why is this deadline important?
Please note: This is a new deadline for the 2017 season. All of your Registry pages must be completed by this deadline, as we will freeze the entire Registry until after the Giant Jamboree.

Teams must finalize their Registry Part pages so the judges can begin their assessment of your work starting on November 2nd. For new parts, all of your part documentation and characterization data must be on the Main Page of your new Registry Part page(s). For characterization of existing parts (bronze medal criteria), all of your documentation should be on the Contribution page for that part.


Giant Jamboree Begins

The 2017 Giant Jamboree kicks off in Boston!


Giant Jamboree End

The 2017 Giant Jamboree finishes with the Awards Ceremony in Boston!

Important Note for Everyone

Below you will see many "Freeze" deadlines. When items Freeze, those items CANNOT be edited by anyone on your team after the deadline. For example, the Wiki and Registry Freeze takes place at 11:59PM EDT on November 1. Teams will not be able to edit any of their wiki or registry pages after that time.

These are very important deadlines (noted below with red font) and no extensions will be granted for any team. We will send numerous reminders for the deadlines via email so please add igem DOT org to your safe contacts list. Please note these items for your team's schedule and make sure everyone on your team knows about them well ahead of time.

Downloadable Calendar

This year, we are providing our 2017 Calendar in an iCal format that users can download and use in their iCal-supported calendar software. Please click on the iCal link below to download an ICS file for use in iCal supported calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.).

You can also view the Google Calendar version at the bottom of this page.

Google Calendar

If you use Google calendar, you can easily add this to your calendar by clicking on the button on the bottom right of the calendar.