Meet the team leader Reza, graduate year BMS

Favorite hobby: Drinking tea

Outside of working hours: I enjoy working at home.

Favourite quote:Trust me I got this.

Meet Tamsin Lacourte: 2nd year Biological sciences

Favourite hobby: pretending to be a fitness instructor

Outside of working hours: stalking fluffy animals on instagram

Favourite quote: “sauuuuceyyyyy”

Meet Phoniex, graduate year Biochemistry

Favourite hobby: Hanging out with Bonnie and Clyde (my cats)

Outside of working hours: Lifting every day

Favourite quote: “Of course I am an organ donor, who wouldn’t want a piece of this”

Meet Hannah: Graduate year BMS

Favourite hobb: Taking Instagram photos

Outside of working hours: Taking Instagram photos

Favourite quote: “ food is life”

Meet Kamile Minkelyte: Graduate year Pharmacology

Favorite hobby: Stretching

Outside of working hours: Drinking

Favourite quote: “What even is sober?”

Meet Vivek Dhutia, graduate year computer scientist

Favourite hobby: coding and taking pictures

Outside of working hours: making websites

Favourite quote: Good things come to those who wait

Meet Zain Hashmi: 2nd year Biomedical Scientist

Favorite hobby: watching anime and boxing

Outside of working hours: Training, boxing and watching anime and video games

Favorite quote:Sorry, I am dyslexic.

Meet Sharmin Saleque: Graduate year Biochem

Favourite hobby: Don’t have hobbies!

Outside of working hours: Whats working hours?

Favourite quote: “Don’t have any”

Meet Tayyaba Malik: Graduate year BMS

Favourite hobby: Baking cakes

Outside of working hours: Going to birthday parties

Favourite quote: “Never go East London”

Meet Rabia Memnon:Graduate year BMS

Favourite hobby: Using puppy eyes

Outside of working hours: Working

Favourite quote: “I would like to be paid more someday”

Meet Sufiyan Patel:2nd Year BMS

Favourite hobby: Failing to impress girls

Outside of working hours: Gym

Favourite quote: “I don’t need friends”

Meet Dr Caroline Smith – supervisor

I’m an Academic lead for the University of Westminster iGEM team, Biobusters. I’m course leader for the BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences and co-ordinate strategic Learning and Teaching initiatives in Department of Life Science. I mainly teach molecular biology to students at all levels from foundation to postgraduate. Teaching is a favourite aspect of my job, and I find it rewarding to see students reach their potential which is why I’m supporting iGEM!

I started cloning as a PhD student at Cornell University Medical College using bacteria to express the proteins I was researching. My current research projects focus on melanocortin signalling and endothelial biology.

Other stuff – I’m a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, member of the British Pharmacological Society and a Local Ambassador for the Biochemical Society (who kindly sponsored the iGEM UK meet up at Westminster on 19th August).

“Non-work related – I enjoy walking, cycling, theatre and chocolate.”

Meet Amy MacLatchy- PhD student/co-ordinator

I am the co-ordinator of the Biobusters, the 2017 Westminster iGEM team. Having competed in iGEM 2015 I appreciate how important reaching the deadlines. Therefore, I am the individual breathing down the teams back to ensure they are met.

My research is investigating the use of bolaamphiphiles, compounds composed of long carbon chains attached to polar head groups with the potential to form vesicles, as a drug delivery system for the treatment of diseases of the brain. This is quite removed from the of work the Biobusters. However, I feel it is an important aspect of research- to incorporate and develop skills and techniques from other disciplines.

Meet Dr Sarah K Coleman – Secondary supervisor

I am the support academic for the University of Westminster iGEM team ‘BioBusters’. I lead and teach on our large core first year Biochemistry module. I also teach aspects of Science History, Philosophy and Practice, and on a module which brings Science students and Arts students together to co-create projects. It is exciting to step - with the students - out of the standard teaching zone of lecture room and teaching laboratory; to assist in helping the students to challenge themselves and succeed. Thus, I am involved with iGEM.

My research focuses on ionotropic Glutamate receptors and involves molecular biology, gene manipulation, protein expression to examine their assembly and interactions. Professionally, I am a member of the Biochemical Society, the British Neuroscience Association and the Society for Neuroscience (USA).

When not teaching or researching I like going to music concerts, the theatre or playing squash.