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Attributions and sponsors:

During our project our team has worked hard to achieve our targets and objectives, alongside this we have also received advice from many academics and professionals

Reza Sarwary: Organising the UK meetup, managing the lab, project planning, organising collaborations, handling social media and leading the team, working on the wiki.

Kamile Minkelyte: Organising the lab, project planning and leading the team.

Zain Hashmi: Managing the lab, project planning, organising collaborations, working on the wiki.

Tamsin Lacourte: Managing the lab, project planning, obtaining sponsorships, human practices, modelling.

Hannah Nawaz: Assisting in the lab, speaking with industry specialists, organising outreach activities.

Phoenix Gater: Managing the lab, project planning and developing the team name.

Vivek Dhutia: Working on the wiki, logo design, taking photos at the UK meetup.

Rabia Memnon: Assisting in fundraising, organising the UK meetup.

Tayyaba Malik: Project planning, assisting in the lab, fundraising.

Sharmin Saleque: Logo design, assisting in fundraising.

Sufiyan Patel: Assisting with fundraising.

Dr Caroline Smith: Team management, pushing us in the right direction and promoting the team, helping organise and secure funding for the UK meetup.

Dr Sarah Coleman: Laboratory and project advice, laboratory supplies, assisting with the UK meetup.

Amy Macalathy: Helping promote the team, team management, outreach organisation, Assisting with the UK meetup.

Camila Gaspar: Advice and support

Amirali Salehi (laboratory intern): Assisting in the lab, iGEM photographer.

Pallavi Ramsahye: Laboratory advice

Dr Vitor Pinheiro: Speaking at the UK meetup

Dr Stefanie Frank: Speaking at the UK meetup

Dr Mark Clements: Assisting with project planning, providing supplies

Dr Victor de Lorenzo: Providing us with SEVA plasmids

Dr Anatoliy Markiv: Laboratory supplies and advice

Rachith Kalgudi: Providing us with our bacteria, project advice

Dr Patrick Kimmit: Project advice and safety form advice

Dr Stuart Thompson: Safety form advice and approval

Dr Manal Mohammed: Initial project planning

Annie Bligh: Assisting with UK meetup planning

Karima Brimah: Laboratory supplies as well as advice

Laboratory technicians: Providing supplies

UCL and Warwick iGEM teams: Helping organise the UK meetup

Gauthier Flaviny: Helping organise the UK meetup

Marigona Krasniqi: Laboratory assistance

Camila Gaspar: Project advice

Abdikarim Mohammed: Coding support

Kaz Baig: Coding support

Louise Usher: Project advice

Nasrin Berruien: Laboratory supplies

Sima Bibi: Coding and wiki support

James Parcell: Modelling advice

Celine Bouliard: Laboratory assistance

Rumman Sheikh: Drug development advice

Michaela Buttigieg: Laboratory supplies

Jonathan Lee - crystal violet help

Vanita Amin - molecular biology supplies

Paulette Hanson and Luisa Pitzulu - advice on GM and microbial culture

Zhi Song (Harry) - fluorecent plate reader

Thakor Tandel - consumables

Neville Antonio - consumables

Joe O'Neill - consumables

Kim Storey - project lab access