Team:BostonU HW/Bronze


Bronze Medal
Bronze Medal

Bronze Medal Requirements

Register and attend

We’re excited to be attending the Giant Jamboree to showcase MARS and see what other iGEM Teams have been working on over the summer!


  1. Team Wiki: You’re here! Feel free to take a look around
  2. Project Attribution: Completed on our wiki attributions page
  3. Team Poster: Check out our table, we’re excited to share it with you!
  4. Team Presentation: Look forward to it at the Giant Jamboree
  5. Safety Forms: Completed and submitted
  6. Judging Form: Completed and submitted


Check out our Wiki attributions page to learn about the work done by the amazing team behind MARS

Characterization / Contribution

Our contribution to the iGEM and greater synbio community consists of the three main components of our project: Microfluidics 101, the MARS repository, and the Fluid Functionality Checklist.

Learn more about our contributions here: