Team:BostonU HW/Gold


Silver Medal
Gold Medal

Gold Medal Requirements

Integrated Human Practices

While working on human practices we found that much of the feedback we gained from our experiences fed back into MARS resulting in valuable improvements and additions to our project.

Refer to our wiki page on Integrated Human Practices:

Improve a previous part or project

During the course of our 2017 project, we were able to improve upon the 2016 BU iGEM Hardware project: Neptune. Our team improved upon design rules present in a portion of the software workflow of Neptune, Fluigi.

For more information about our work on Neptune, click here:

Model your project

Fluid Functionality provides an effective modeling framework to evaluate the success or failure stage of our microfluidic devices.

To learn more about our device modeling, refer to our Wiki page on Fluid Functionality:

Demonstrate your work

Over the course of the project we have designed, fabricated and tested microfluidic devices. Two of our nine microfluidic devices are defined as Fluid Functional: Cell Sorting and Cell Lysis. These two chips, as well as our transformation chip come with fully annotated video of them running with colored water and oil.

To see all of our microfluidic devices please refer to our MARS Repository page where full documentation has been posted, or come down to our Demo table at the Jamboree to see them in action!