Team:BostonU HW/Digestion


DNA Digestion


DNA digestion, or DNA fragmentation, is a basic protocol in synthetic biology. This is typically performed prior to analysis of the DNA sequence, or in order to perform further protocols. Restriction enzymes are mixed and then incubated with DNA in a buffer solution. This yields DNA fragments cleaved at specific sites according to the enzymes used.
This microfluidic chip design performs DNA digestion. The desired DNA segment, restriction enzymes, water and buffer solution are inputted and mixed. The resulting solution is then sealed in an incubation chamber on top of which a heating element is placed. After the designated incubation time has passed, the liquid can then be transferred from the chip using a pipette.

This chip has been milled and tested, but not deemed fully fluid functional as of this time. For a more complete understanding of the chip, click the download button in order to access its CNC millable SVG files, JSON file, full device documentation and PNG files of its flow and control layers.