Team:BostonU HW/Ligation




Ligation is a commonly used protocol in synthetic biology. In molecular cloning ligation is the process by which external DNA is inserted into a vector DNA, often a plasmid, using the enzyme DNA ligase. The newly formed DNA, or recombinant DNA, can then be analyzed or transformed.
This microfluidic chip is designed to perform ligation. T4 DNA Ligase Buffer, vector DNA, insert DNA, water, and T4 DNA Ligase are metered on the chip and are then mixed together. The solution then undergoes incubation, after which the recombinant DNA solution can pipetted out from the chip and used in further molecular cloning procedures

This chip has not been tested as of this time. For a more complete understanding of the chip, click the download button in order to access its CNC millable SVG files, JSON file, full device documentation and PNG files of its flow and control layers.