Team:CCA San Diego/Attributions


For the 2017 iGEM season we had 21 high school students in a collaborative team. We are composed of students with interests and talents from art to math, biochemistry to teaching, molecular biology to computer science. Everything we did was planned, produced, and executed by all of our team members: from laboratory studies to financial endeavors. This year we have really made an imPAHct on our community and we are excited to show you what we have accomplished!

We would like to thank Mr. Ariel Haas, Ms. Erin Eddingfield, and Dr. Gerstin, our school affiliates.

We would like to give special thanks to Dr. Rob Brown of Synthetic Genomics Institute and BP for listening to us present our project and offering critiques to refine our experimental methods.

We’d like to give our sincerest thanks to Dr. Roger Prince for offering us specific guidance on how our project might be tested and refined.

The Argonne Oleo Sponge team, especially Edward Barry, was an incredible help, and their advice to us was invaluable towards understanding the process of research and development on an industrial scale.

Adriane Barros is our amazing iGEM mentor. Thank you so much for all of your guidance with our project in dire times of need.

Ms. Joanne Couvrette and all the people at the CCA Foundation for helping us organize camp funds.

Mary Holmes for help with Lab Fellow invoice submissions.
Front Page Animation with help from CCA Animation Club.

The team page hexagonal design from the CCA Design Club.

CCA Ecology Club for helping us with iGEM Goes Green eco tips and Gardening of the tree for collaboration with iGEM of TU Dresden.

CCA Model UN Team,CCA Speech and Debate,and CCA Envision Conservatory for the Humanitiesfor participating and helping with the Bioethics Seminar.

We would like to thank the CCA students and staff members who volunteered their time to help us chaperone the 28 kids at the summer camp.

We would like to thank the Cardiff by the Sea Library for providing space and materials for our first STEM day.

We would like to thank Torrey Hills Elementary School for making time for our assembly - our second STEM day - and for providing us with space and some materials.

We would like to thank members of the Reuben H Fleet Science Center who helped arrange for us to have space and materials for our third and final STEM day, especially Akiko Hicks and Tanja Schroeder.

Canyon Crest Academy iGEM 2017 CC;