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CCA San Diego and iGEM Goes Green

We have participated in iGEM Goes Green to consider a more eco-friendly way to work in our lab. The iGEM Goes Green initiative centers around the idea of raising awareness around the environmental impacts we, especially as members of iGEM, have on the world around us and how we can lessen the negative side effects of those impacts. Namely, iGEM Goes Green is focused on spreading awareness on what our carbon footprint is. Our project is supposed to help clean the environment and we want to be effective in our lab methods to make sure that we keep the environment clean, while researching a way to save it! In one of our many contact points with them, we - along with our school’s Ecology Club - sent suggestions for their Go Green Guide, a document that outlines exactly how one can conduct a more eco-friendly lifestyle in and out of the laboratory. We detailed the impact of several other processes (that did not deal with the conventional tips) concerning greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Eco Club helped by planting a tree on our campus for the purpose of compensating for our carbon footprint created by our flights to Boston, as well as to establish our collaboration with TU Dresden.

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