Team & Members

Our team is consisted by 3 different schools including Guangdong Experimental High School, Guangdong country garden school and the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University. All of us are really big fans of Biology. By participating in this competition, most of us can learn a lot of knowledge that could not be acquired on the textbooks.


Qiyuan Chen

My name is Qiyuan Chen. I am 14 years old and studying in Guangdong Experimental Junior High School in grade 8. I love Biology since I was in grade 7. At the beginning, I thought that it is very interesting, so I was excited to search the large zone of biology. And then, I knew the Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Biology, I thought it is important to the future of the human. Now I join the big family of the iGEM. I hope the researching of the synthetic biology will deeper and deeper.

Feixue Ouyanga

My name is Feixue Ouyang. I study at Guangdong Experimental Junior High School. I like swimming and playing computer games. Although I am only 14, I have a great interest on biology. I think iGEM is a great chance to show ourselves, and I hope I can get a good score in the competition.

Yu He

My name is David, now I’m studying in the Guangdong country garden school, I major in biology now, because I’m interest in it, since I was a kid I have fascinated in animal and plants, I was reading biology books every weekend. After I stepped into the junior high school, I have learned more in biology, such as what is the human body system and what is the DNA and what is the gene engineering. I am really curious about DNA because DNA is just like the code of life. DNA is magical and stimulate me to discover more about it, that’s why I joined in iGEM competition and I wish I can achieve a great success in it.

Bingquan Liang

My name is Liang BingQuan, English name is Leo. Now I’m studying GuangDong Country Garden school, located at south of China. I major in biology now, because my mom used to be a doctor. Hence, in the future I might major in medicine. Also that is part of the reasons why I would enjoy the iGEM competition game. As a helpful competition game, iGEM will be a useful material or kind of experience of the apply for my university. Genetic engineering act as a significant and valuable research field, i believe it will be a potential project in the future, that is the main factor why I attend the iGEM.

Yuanqi Jin

Yuanqi Jin (Demeter), IBDP1 student from Guangdong Country Garden School, responsible for Human Practice and Wiki in GZHS-United. She majors in psychology as well as biology since these disciplines about life are bewitching to her, and she would like to be a psychiatrist in the future. She got into the top 10% of British Biology Olympiad, and was one of the top students in the MYP biology class; she was one of the directors in the Graduation Gala and the Personal Project Exhibition of IBMYP grade 10; she has established the first psychology club in her school and directed two lawn parties in the first year and attracted over 200 participators each; she learnt psychology from a professor from PKU, found an online organization soon afterwards to provide aid for depression patients.

Weiying Ou

My name is Mishery and I am the leader of GZHS-UNITED. I studying in Guangdong Country Garden School which is the most famous international school in southern China. I am interested on Physics, biology and chemistry as well and I want to study Cancerbiochemistry in London in the future college. Science is my life and one day, I want to create a vaccine which can cure HIV completely. In addition, I am quite interesting on the connection between society , ethical and science, as same as the human practice.

Zhengxiong Luo

My name is Zhengxiong Luo. I'm fifteen years old. At present, I am studying at Guangdong Experimental High School. I've always like listening music and playing badminton. My favorite subject is English. I like the sentence:'Experience is the mother of wisdom'. So I always try my best to do everything well, and never give up easily. I like to participate in any competition. It not only gave me a wide range of vision, but also offered me a good opportunity to give full play to my creativity.

Jinpeng Chen

My name is Jinpeng Chen. I am 16years old.I come from Guangdong Experimental High School. I am very pleased to get the chance to participate in iGEM and meet so many interesting teammates. My hobbies include reading and playing badminton. Because playing badminton can make myself healthier andIcan devote more vigor to my work. I love reading because it can make myself peace, and concentrate on what I’m doing. It can always make my life full of knowledge and happiness.

Wentao Yang

My name is Wentao Yang and I’ve also got an English name called Michael. I am a high school student who is studying in Guangdong Experimental high school. I think I am someone who is really introverted. But I have a lot of hobbies and interests and I’m really good at them such as piano, badminton and bird-watching. I always look forward to getting along well with others but I do not know exactly what I should do. However, I always summarize what I have done correctly or falsely. Thus, I can know exactly what I should do and how I will do in the future to make my life splendid. As a result, I will grow up to be a better person than yesterday. I like the current me which make me pleased.

Wanxuan jin

We All Need Makeovers From Time To Time.” During the preparation for IGEM, I am not only a student from Guangdong Experimental High School, but also an explorer who has the spirit of scientific innovation. I am an extrovert and a deep thinker. I like reading books and making new friends. Among all my hobbies, the favorite one is reading. When I was a little girl, I love reading comic books. When I’m getting old, I love fiction very much. I have so much fun from reading. My favorite fiction is Pride and Prejudice. It not only provides knowledge, but also teaches me the right attitude toward life. I think reading makes my life complete. I will keep on reading in order to achieve my dream in the future. Being a pediatric surgeon is my dream career because I firmly believe that your job should be something you are passionate about.

Yinghui Wang

This is Yinghui Wang. I’m a sci-fi lover (especially cyber punk), and I am glad that I have a chance to get close to synthesis biology - a fascinating field contenting most of my imagination of near future biotechnology. Besides, I’m really good at making gel and the blank control of PCR (although not intentionally).

Abigail Liu

Abigail Liu, 17 years old, a student of Guangdong Country Garden School. Before she stepped into CGS, Biology was nothing more than a compulsory subject. Afterwards, she realized that Biology is not merely about adorable animals: it is about unraveling the mystery of organisms and utilizing the answers to promote human development. Some people don't understand how miraculous Biology is for her: the essence of Biology is invisible to the naked eye and every function that keeps you alive is underway unwittingly at the moment; non-living organic chemicals combines together to become a cell, even an organism, which can operate like a precise instrument; currently, we can even artificially create living entities. The first Biology competition she has entered for now is British Biology Olympiad 2017 in which she won the Highly Commended Award. At present, she is devoting herself to International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition and trying to impress everyone including herself. She knows deeply that she is not the best, but she is making progress with all her ardent love to Biology.

Yun Chen

I’m Winnie Chen from the team GZSH-United. I love biology because once I facing the mystery of lives, I will feel a kind of glory of natural world. Especially for genes, the key part of a living thing, its every combination and expression shows a delicate contact between every lives; and that’s what amazed me. In addition, I also like to some other things in my spare time such as painting and playing bridge which is a kind of card game. By doing these, I may feel a kind of peace with passion inside. Actually, peace and passion are not in the opposite but can exactly show what you like to do.

Weiqian Yuan

My name is Weiqian Yuan. I am 14 years old. I shall be a grade 9 student of Guangdong Experimental High School in Sept. 2017.
Being as a high school student, I not only study hard my school courses, but also have many hobbies. I am good at mathematics, physics and history. My most favorite subject is history. I like reading because it can broaden my vision. Since one of my hobbies is collecting ancient coins, I read many books about Chinese history and archaeology of ancient coins, which help me to learn broad and profound Chinese culture. My other hobbies are paleobiology, stock investment and swimming. I like swimming because it makes me feel happy and strengthens my body.
During this summer holidays in July 2017, I took part in a business imitation challenge hosted by The Economic Association of the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University, HFI Finance Club and Financial and Economic Association Union of the Pearl River Delta. I beat the other grade 11 students and won two prizes of the Best Design Institute and Best Trader. I also took part in Guangdong Geography Olympiad and won the second prize.
I like the sentence of nothing is impossible. I do all my best endeavors to every challenge and never give up easily.


Shangjie Zou

I am an undergraduate student from South China Agricultural University.
The main work I’ve done as an advisor in this team is giving comments and suggestions for presentation and modeling. I look myself as a natural historian and my dream is to explore the whole world, take adventures and figure out how nature is working.

Rong Wang

Wangrong, a designer in our team. In this team ,I take charge of design the poster and wiki. My major is biotechnology. I like playing basketball,drawing and learning new things. I f you have any question about our wiki or poster,you can send email to me.

Yunping Lin

I am Yunping Lin and this is my forth year of college.I major in Biological science and I'm responsible for mathematical modeling and wiki design in our team.Many things in our daily life can excite my curiosity,by the way,meeting bizarra things is a greet treat for me.

Junyu Chen

My name is Chen Junyu and I am a senior student majoring in bioscience. I am an introvert with few words and I enjoy the time I stay alone. When doing experiments, I feel calm and I would concentrate on the things I am working on. I favour in Japanese animation thus out-door activities do not attract me as the animation do to me. In my team, I am responsible for constructing standard basic part and testifying the antioxidation of astaxanthin.

Xuecheng Li

My name is Xuecheng Li and I am a senior student who major in biology. In Chinese, my first name “xuecheng” means doing a good job in study. So my partner would like to call me ”the god of study” and I enjoy this nickname very much. I don’t have too many talents except daydreaming. In my team, I am responsible for some translation work and some human practice work. Finally, the most important of me——my lucky number is 7 and my favorite is “double seven”(77)

Jianbang Lin

My name is Jianbang Lin. I’m a senior in College of Life Sciences. In this team, I am one of the member of wet-lab team.I am so glad to meet so many brilliant teammates. During this process,I have learned how to plan ahead and work efficiently in a scientific environment along side my teammates. I love iGEM because it is really cool getting to do really awesome lab work that I have never thought, and I can see what other people my age and university students around the world are doing.

Zhigang Feng

My name is Zhigang Feng , majored in Biology. An idea, a team, a legendary tour. This is me in the eyes of the iGEM.
Before that, I'm not sure whether high school students know how to return a responsibility, iGEM for them is a piece of blank paper. A year from hiring, topic selection, experiment, modeling,and speech to complete for themselves, the depth of the scientific research experience is difficult to obtain elsewhere. In addition, iGEM also let me feel the team's strong, big to the project, wiki, speech of who will bear responsibility. Small to the campus propaganda, budgets. No one trust each other, the team cooperation tacit understanding is made. As their advicer, I would be glad to share what I know and they, and provide them with some of the ideas. I am very happy with high school students experience igem, they let me know what we can do many things, to find that textbooks of the real world.

Peng Deng

I’m Peng Deng, 21 years old , coming from China. I’m one of the junior students in Sun Yat-sen university and be majored in life science. I joined in the GDSYZX-United team and took part in the iGEM competition as an advisor. My work is mainly in charge of the improvement of professional words and oral English. Meanwhile, I have also given some guidance to the team members for the experiment.

Jinjin Ke

I’m Jinjin Ke, 36 years old , coming from China. I joined in the GDSYZX-United team and took part in the iGEM competition as an advisor. Before this, I have worked on education career for many years.

Siyao Feng

Siyao Feng, an advisor who graduated from China University of Geosciences. We really appreciated her giving us some expert advises in art design, from poster to wiki.


Hanyan Quan

Hanyan Quan, who is the president of Guangdong Experimental High School, was in charge of iGEM of Guangdong Experimental High School for the past 3 years. He thought highly of our team and project and gave us remarkable support from apparatus to guides.

Yishun Zhang

Yishun Zhang is a laboratory chief of the Teaching Center of Biology Experiment. He is an experienced and patient advisor. And he gave us some training about the safety and regulation of lab.

Xiaohong Qiu

Xiaohong Qiu is a experienced biology teacher of Guangdong Experimental Middle School who has guided her students to win prizes in various biology-related competitions for several years.

Jianer Wu

Jianer Wu is a laboratory chief of the Teaching Center of Biology Experiment. She is experienced and patient, she was in charge of the apparatus and helped us to do some preparations for experiences.


Honglei Jin

A young professor of biology in SUN YAT-SEN University who is excellent in the field of Plant Molecular Biology. The idea of our project was originally based on the project that he had done. He guided us throughout the whole training, from project selecting, project initialization management to program construction.

Jiabao Xu

Jiabao Xu is a postdoctor from Southern Medical University. She specialized in infectious disease and pathogen biology with special focus on dengue and zika virus vectors, studying population genetics, epidemiology and molecular biology of pathogens and vectors.