Team:Georgia State/Results

  • Mambalgin: We were able to get Mambalgin into pGEX and started working on protein expression.

  • HCG: We were able to submit an improved HCG part in PSB1C3.

  • Factor C: We worked with Emory's iGEM team and gave them the G-Blocks of Factor C to fuse together using PCR Overlap extension. We used the PCR Overlap Extension protocol from Ichiro Matsumura.

  • Human Practices: After working hard this summer with wet lab work, we were able to explore some new additional ways to allow our lab to reach more students at GSU. The work that we have done with the deaf students, allowed for our lab to seek out new ways to educate students on the field of synthetic biology. The introduction of American Sign Language into our lab by creating the gallery is a great start for connecting to students who may not be involved in STEM due to a communication barrier. Since starting to learn ASL, we were able to seek the interest of a student who wanted to get involved in our lab that was hard of hearing. We are hopeful that as more students on Georgia State's campus see our gallery, that they will feel welcomed to our lab. We know that this new addition to our lab will allow us to build a stronger STEM community and serve as a model for other iGEM teams.

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