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If you are ever looking for GSU-iGEM, we're on the fourth floor of Kell Hall, in room 403 or around the corner in room 439. The lab is an M1-Lab, which suites our experimental needs perfectly! In our 439 space, we do all of our molecular work, such as cloning, PCR, transformations, and characterization. In room 403, the team uses that area for the growth of our tobacco plants for future experimentation. When the need arises for the team to do any fluorescence, media sterilization, centrifugation, incubation, or further characterization tests our team has been trained to use the core facilities located in Kell Hall, Petit Science Center, or the Natural Science Center.

Our home away from the lab is the stem suite on the fifth floor of Kell Hall. In this space, we planned out our project, set out our weekly goals, laid out our community outreach plans, assembled our educational Lego bags for local after-school programs, and processed our results. This summer since our team was seeking to make our lab space more accessible to anyone with disabilities, in the suite the team could freely watch instructional videos to learn American Sign Language alphabet and plan how to rearrange our lab for better instructional purposes. Oh, yeah, it was also a safe space to have a sweet snack or lunch.

General Lab Safety

Our lab is a Level 1 biosafety lab. The organisms that we handle in our lab are all apart of Risk Group 1 and do not cause disease in healthy adults. The biological materials that we manage in our lab are stored either in the refrigerator or the biosafety cabinet. When conducting our experiments, we work either on an open lab bench or in the laminar flow hood. We are confident that the members of our team can work under this conditions and maintain a clean and safe lab space because all the members of our team have received safety training and tests, including: Right to Know Training, RTK-Chemical Specific Training, and Hazardous Waste Generator Training.

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