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This project wouldn't be possible without commitment and dedication from many parties. It is our greatest pleasure to acknowledge the assistance and contribution of the individuals and groups who have helped us towards the successful completion of the project.


All the basic molecular techniques in the lab is performed by the students in the team. We designed the synthetic gBlocks, cloned them into vector, and performed the characterization of respective BioBricks.

Project Advisors

Dr. Maelita R. Moeis

Dr. Sony Suhandono

Project Idea

The idea is based on the previous ITB iGEM 2014 project which is called ColiPlaster. The 2017 team developed the idea for the optimization and novel enzymes.
We also get many inspirations from:
Plastic Republic ,
Team UC Davis, and

Project References

The main enzyme used in this project PETase is based on the research paper:
Yoshida S., Hiraga K., Takehana T., Taniguchi I., Yamaji H., Maeda Y., Toyohara K., Miyamoto K., Kimura Y., Oda K. 2016. A bacterium that degrades and assimilates poly (ethylene terephthalate). Science 351:1196-1199

Wetlab Support

Azzania FIbriani, Ph. D as Head of Molecular and Chromosome Analysis Lab, School of Life Science and Technology, Institut Teknologi Bandung, who provided us lab spaces and permission to use the instruments inside the lab.

Dr. Tati Kristianti, M. Sc., as Research Assistant from Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology group SITH ITB, who assisted us in providing the kit, enzymes, and helped us in anything related to customs and online ordering.

Ika Agus Rini, M. Sc., our team mentor, who provide insights and experience on iGEM.

Rahmat Azhari Kemal, M. Sc., last year Wetlab coordinator, who has given us insights on first steps in starting the lab work.

Agus Eka Prasetyo, S. Si, who first gives us the idea and tutor on using Restriction-Free Cloning techniques in ligating our constructs.

Modelling Support

Mochamad Apri, Ph. D., lecturer from Mathematics Study Program ITB, who has given the modelling team insightful analysis on constructing the model.

Human Practice Support

Sri Harjati Suhardi, Ph. D, lecturer from Microbial Biotechnology group, who has given us experienced insights on bioremediation, especially in Indonesia.

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