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Here are the list of our collaborators

Team up for the world!

Sharing with IONIS Paris

IONIS Paris gave us an insight into their project, fundraising technique, and human practice. We conducted a Skype call on 10th July 2017 in our beloved genetic labs. Discussion started with an introduction from both teams. They shared their project idea which mainly concerns on temperature changes cell detector. Further, they applied the project on Meteorology Centre and farming by forming a collaboration. We shared our project idea as well and also expressed our concern on fundraising. Our team received a valuable advice to search a sponsor. In the end, the discussion closed with a photo session and a social media account exchange to keep us stay in touch. Moreover, they asked us to participate on their survey.

Manchester x ITB-Indonesia

GMM Legislation Document

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iGEM event has provided us a competition as well as collaboration. As a synthetic biology enthusiast, we have a responsibility to make our work safe and comply the law and regulation. Therefore, we collaborated with 137 iGEMers from 10 teams, 10 countries, 7 different iGEM tracks, and 5 continents to compile a worldwide GMM legislation document. Our role was to provide an Indonesian GMM regulation based on Peraturan Pemerintah No. 21 Tahun 2015. This is most probably one of the biggest collaborations in iGEM!

The compilation of GMM legislation is very useful in a lot of different ways for practitioners of synthetic biology and other related fields. Many information can be inferred from our collaboration result that will be able to help many parties.

Aside from significantly contributing to the whole collaboration which helps every team in its own ways, we also the gain some insights from the collaboration. Our take on the compilation of GMM regulations is that the use of GMOs especially as a bioremediation tool directly applied to environment is still very strictly prohibited in most areas of the world. While our project grand design in the long run is to directly applying our bacteria in the ocean, this collaboration led our project to develop new alternatives and safety measures modules to cope with the regulations so that our project can be of use in the near future.

Mini-Booklet Project

We were lucky enough to be able to collaborate with a team rich in iGEM experience like Manchester Team. As we got quite a few tips on how to strive on iGEM, we also would like to share those tips & tricks with fellow iGEMers. We therefore initiated a collaboration project with Manchester Team in the form of a mini-booklet project which consists of basic tips and tricks to compete in iGEM. The mini-booklet was developed by us with a very generous help from iGEM Manchester Team. Our aim is to provide Indonesian future teams and many more teams internationally with necessary tips and tricks from a more experienced university. This goal resides with our iGEM Booklet Vol.1 vision, to inspire Indonesian future teams. We plan to distribute this mini-booklet alongside the iGEM Booklet Vol.1.