Team:NU Kazakhstan/Collaborations

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ULaVerne_Collab iGEM 2017 team

ULaVerne_Collab team 2017 was also working with Chlamydomonas reinhardtii species. Their project needed to perform a transformation of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii with specific vectors to characterize three different superoxide dismutases (SOD) using two different plasmids that direct the SODs to either the cytoplasm or the chloroplasts, to determine SOD efficiency based on placement in the cell. Our team needed wild type cell wall plus strain, with which they were working. ULaVerne team sent us this strain for our experiments and also their vectors for transformation. We in turn performed transformation of their vectors in our lab and sent electroporated C. reinhardtii colonies containing their vectors.

Moscow_RF iGEM 2017 team

We arranged a Skype meeting with the team and gave the presentations about our projects. We have discussed different areas of our projects and gave suggestions and advices for further improvements. We had issues with Interlab study and bacterial transformation. They helped us by sending working protocol for bacterial transformation using Eporator instead of standard chemical transformation.

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XMU_China iGEM 2016 team

In summer 2016 our team member, Sultan Mussakhan, met with Xiamen iGem team during his internship in China. During his trip he organized a meeting and gave presentation our project and team. Xiamen team also presented their project and conducted a lab tour. During presentation we have exchanged ideas and gave suggestions for project improvements.


CCA_SanDiego iGEM 2017 team

We had a Skype meeting with SanDiego High School team, where we have exchanged our ideas and gave short presentations of our projects. We helped them with characterisation of their parts and expressed our opinion on their project. Because both our researches were involved in bioremediation, the mutual collaboration went very productive.

We had a meeting with Thomas Landrain who is the ambassador of iGEM. He had a tour in our newly set up algae lab and gave a good advice for further development of iGEM in our university. One of his idea is to construct Community Lab, which will be probably built for the upcoming years of existence of iGEM at NU.


BIT iGEM 2017 team

Students of Beijing Institute of Technology work on liver cancer related project. We helped them by completing the survey.

Amazonas_Brazil iGEM 2017 team

Students of State University of Amazonas want to know the exportation/exportation of biological materials in different countries. We helped them by completing the survey.

IIT-Madras iGEM 2017 team

Students of Indian Institute of Technology Madras are going to build a database of chassis organisms and are keen on to improve the experience of synthetic biologists working with novel organisms. We helped them by completing the survey.

Boston University (BU) Hardware iGEM 2017 team

The BU Hardware team is working on an archive that will store different microfluidic chip designs and protocols. In order to better understand how they can structure this archive to help the iGEM/Synbio community, they asked to complete the survey. Our team managed to perform this task