Team:Pasteur Paris/Collaborations



We established a collaboration with the IGEM UChile_OpenBio-CeBiB team, after realizing that our two projects had one component in common: we were both targeting air pollution.

We first organized Skype meetings and discussed through Facebook to improve our projects.

In a second time, we collaborated on our questionnaire. Indeed, we noticed that some of our questions were similar, so we sent the results of our respective polls. We then reflected together on how to analyze these surveys and defined a common method of analyzing these surveys.

We have gone further in the areas of law and entrepreneurship. Thus, we carried out for the Chilean team a study on French regulations and laws concerning air pollution. In return, the Chilean team informed us about Chilean regulations. We used their answers to improve our report on air pollution. Finally, the Chilean team helped us for entrepreneurship by carrying out the SWOT analysis of our device. We also had discussions on the development of a business model in the field of depollution.


We had a very fruitful collaboration with Paris_Bettencourt iGEM team. We invited them to take part in the 3rd iGEM Parisian Meetup (see below) we organized in early July. In return, we took part to the great escape game they created. We betatested it and gave them feedback ! It was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the view from the Montparnasse tower ! We also helped them by providing them with the silicatein biobrick our team designed last year. It was quite a struggle to locate it in our freezers but we are sure they made the best of it !

3rd iGEM Parisian Meetup

We decided to host an event where French teams could have the opportunity to present their project in front of a public and jury, just like at the giant jamboree! The goal of this meeting was threefold: 1) we both wanted to place teams in competition-like conditions; 2) we also wanted to socialize with the French teams and have a great time and 3) we wanted to work together and consider the post-iGEM. Indeed, the theme of our meetup was: what can I do after iGEM? In this perspective, we organized round tables on entrepreneurship in biotech, open science and organized a pitch contest with experts, such as Lorenzo Croati of the Pitch School. Almost all the French teams took part in the meetup. We really thank Bordeaux, Evry_Paris-Saclay, INSA-UPS_France, IONIS-Paris, Paris_Bettencourt and UPMC_Paris.


On July 7th we took part in the European iGEM meetup in Delft organized by TUDelft team. We fully benefited from this opportunity to share our ideas and discuss applications of our project.

KU Leuven

We were involved in the collaboration initiated by KU Leuven iGEM team. We translated the project presentation of NYMU_TAPEI team in French and shared our project presentation, so that other teams could translate it.


We had a nice collaboration with the iGEM Peshawar team. We had a fun skype meeting during which they interviewed us, on our project, on how we were managing with organization, with team building, on our country and more! They also spread our survey about air pollution and synthetic biology in Pakistan.


We helped iGEM IISER-Mohali-India by completing and sharing their survey.