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Our Attributions

We would like to thank all of these people and organisations for their support


jo photo
Professor Jo Putterill

Without Jo’s scientific guidance and lab space this project would have never occurred. Her vast knowledge of plant biology were vital to the lab team’s success.

shaun photo
Associate Professor Shaun Lott

Shaun has been involved with the team for the last two years. Without his administrative and laboratory support, this project would have never gotten off the ground.

Other Academics

We have recieved a tremendous amount of support from other academics around SBS and the Faculty of Science. We’d like to acknowledge Dr. Davide, Prof. Allan, Dr. Rattenbury, Dr. Lear, Dr. Domigan, Prof. Gerrard and all the other academics who have influenced our project in a positive way.

2016 team
2016 UoA iGEM Students

Last year’s iGEM undergrad (now postgrad) and PhD students like Kyle, Frankie, Jess, and David, among many others, have given an enormous amount to the team in administrative, moral, and technical support.

Members of Jo’s and Shaun’s Labs

Jason, Lulu, Mau, Geoffrey, Davide, Andrew, and Wendy, have been invaluable to our lab team sparing their time and experience to guide us through the research process. A special thanks must be extended to them.

Everyone Else

Over this year there have been far too many people to thank. To those who helped us in major ways and those who have helped in ways more subtle. You know who you are. Thank you.


UOA logo
The University of Auckland Faculty of Science and School of Biological Sciences

With their generous financial support we were able to register to the iGEM competition.

Biomatters - Creators of Genious

With their continued financial support and their kind offer of Genious Software licenses, we were able to make an early start on the lab work.


With their financial oversight and guidance we were able to find connections and set up systems that will be invaluable to future teams.

UniServices’ Return on Science Investment committee and AgriTech committee

With their generous financial support and business advice we were able to complete our lab work and plan for the future of our project.

Staff of the New Zealand Association of Consulting Laboratories

With their generous financial support we were able to fund the final portion of our project and make it to Boston.

Synthetic Biology Australasia

With their generous support, two of our students were able to attend the SBA conference in Australia and the Australasia iGEM meetup.


google fonts
Google Fonts

The fonts used on this wiki page, Merriweather and Montserrat, were sourced from Google Fonts, an open source font registry.

noun project
The Noun Project

Icons used in this wiki page were sourced from, a creative commons registry of icons and images.