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Our Team

The members of the 2017 SECA NZ Team

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I am the Financial Manager for the iGEM team this year. As a fourth year Biotechnology student I am concentrating on the field of microbiology for my honours year. Specifically I am interested in the production of ethanol with the aim of starting a craft brewery.

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I have been the team leader this year. I'm a third year biomedical science student interested in neuroscience and psychology. I also work in a first year university hall (Go Huia!) and I love cats.

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I am one of our lab leaders for 2017. In the future I hope to get into regenerative medicine research. Currently in the final year of my undergraduate Biomedical Science degree, I specialize in Genetics and Development. In the future I will (hopefully) be hanging around a wee bit longer to complete a pHD.

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I have been one of the wet-lab managers of our iGEM team this year. I am currently in my third year of studying Biomedical Science at Auckland University. My particular interests lie in cancer research, molecular biology, and genetics.

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I was the leader for the community engagement team this year. I am a third-year biology student who is interested in plant-microbial interactions. In my, limited, spare time I like to play Diablo 3 to relax.

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I am is interested in the business side of biology and healthcare. I hope to develop leadership and marketing skills to one day manage projects like those started with iGEM, and help communicate scientific ideas to businessmen and the public.

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I live and breathe Biology, Marketing and Computer Science. This year, I have provided market research and advise for commercializing the team’s project. I look forward to leading next year’s team with a passion for GM crops and aeroponics (and Alastair’s craft brew)

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I have been involved with fundraising and overlooking the business aspects of the project. I'm a fourth year BSc/BCom student, interested in connecting the science and business world.

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I am a member of the financial team this year. I am in her third year of a conjoint BSC in Biology and Psychology, with interests in the workings of the human mind and body. I have a passion for knowledge and aim to make the unknown and undiscovered, conquered.

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I'm a 3rd year Biotechnology student with an interest in cellular processes and genetic engineering. Having been part of the lab team for SECA_NZ has been incredible. After graduating, I hope to continue my studies with an Honors or Masters at UoA, learning how to improve human health using vaccines and other therapies.

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I am part of the lab team this year and look forward to being a part of next year's team as well. I am a second year biomedical science student, with a special interest in microbiology, genetics and immunology. When I'm not in classes or a lab, you can find me baking up a storm or petting fluffy animals

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I was a part of the community engagement team this year. I am in my third year of a degree in Biological Science and Environmental Science and love the beach.

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This year I was part of the community engagement team. I am in my second year of a biomedical sciences degree and love microbiology and immunology. Every time I use a new micropipette I get very excited!!

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I was a member of the community engagement team this year. I am in my second year of a degree in Biomedical Science, with a passion for Neuroscience. I also love Game of Thrones.

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I was a member of the community engagement team this year. I am in my third year of a degree in biological science and ecology. My interests include microbiology and genetics. My Balinese cat is named Batman.

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I am Max. I am the wikilord. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair


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