The clogging of drains and pipe systems by hair and fat is a serious problem in industry and private households. Currently many blockages are dissolved by toxic and reactive chemicals like hydroxide and chlorine compounds, leading to accelerated corrosion in the pipe system and ecological damage. Our aim is to engage this problem in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way by developing a biological cleaner based on a holistic approach using E.coli. Our microbial system is targeted on producing and secreting enzymes, such as keratinases, lipases and esterases to break down hair, fat and other pollutants. By optimizing the secretion of the selected enzymes, we are avoiding enzyme purification which can save valuable money and time. Additionally, we want to produce a scent from the existing waste as an indicator of successful degradation. Involving mathematical modeling of enzymatic kinetics and degradation processes will support the experimental work.
Finally this approach will LIGHT UP THE PIPE again!

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