Team:UCC Ireland/CellFree

UCC iGEM 2017

Since GMO use outside of a lab is strictly regulated, we decided as a team to build a cell-free system into our project. A cell-free system is an in vitro method used to reenact the biological reactions that occur inside cells. To create a cell free system, cells are lysed and their contents utilised and mixed with additives and plasmid DNA. An open reaction is created when working with cell free systems in that each individual component can be individually manipulated. Protein production is rapid in a cell free system and usually takes 1-2 days in comparison to protein production in a living cell which can take up to 1-2 weeks. We contacted Thomas Meany, a director of a cell free technology company in Cork. Meany came in and spoke to us about his company and agreed to help us in implementing a cell free system into our project.

This cell free system allows us to use both linear and plasmid DNA. We had difficulty cloning some of our g-blocks into our PRSF-duet backbone so this system would allow us to continue to use the linear DNA segments as biosensors.