Team:UChile Biotec/Attributions


This project would not have been achieved without the help of our dear friends and collaborators that supported us in the whole course of this aventure, all who supported us with any means and cheered us through all this process.

We want to give special thanks to:

  • Nicolás Giuliani, Ph.D.: For facilitating us some lab equipment and chemical reactives, and from his support too.
  • Inmaculada Vaca Ph.D. & Ghislaine Vásquez: For sharing with us the use of their Lyophilizer machine and teaching us to use it.
  • Victoria Guixé, Ph.D.: For giving us AMP and liquid nitrogen for our experiments.
  • Galia Ramírez, Ph.D.: For donating the precious ABTS.
  • Luis Larrondo, Ph.D.: He is the one at charge of the Millennium Nucleus of Fungical Integrative and Synthetic Biology, where we realized the transformations and plasmid purifications.
  • Juan Carlos Letelier, Ph.D.: For the usage of his facilities and use of the 3d printer.

Honorifics Mentions

In this section we want to be grateful for the invaluable help that they gave us!

  • Benjamín Suárez, LabTox Director: Who facilitated us the Saxitoxin and teaches us how to work with it.
  • Camilo Berrios: For helping in software usage, particularly with the use of MAWS and JAWS software from HEIDELBERG team 2015.
  • Mauricio Díaz: To dedicate his precious time to teach us lab techniques.


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