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Human Practice

A little overview of our activities

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Work in Lab isn’t the only thing that our group care of. In fact, we consider the interaction with the community, the media and especially people affected by red tide last year as fundamental factors in the design of our device.

In a nutshell, our work in Practices consisted of a visit to the Tenth Region of our country: Los Lagos, (We live in Chile’s capital: Santiago, and we know: we can’t make a device that is going to be used in another place!) where we interact and learn from fishermen, neighborhood’ mayors, institutions, toxin labs, etc.

Also, we presented our project and we taught synthetic biology in science fairs, schools, among other; and even we, with the support of many teachers, made the first biology synthetic course of our faculty. The consequence of all this, we appeared in the media: national newspapers, web, and radio. This is only the tip of the iceberg! If you want to know about our Practices, why don’t explore our page?

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