Bronze Medal Criterion Completion

1.) Register & Attend the Giant Jamboree

Our team was able to successfully fundraise enough money to register our team and send representatives from our team to the Giant Jamboree.

2.) Submit a DNA part (Deliverable)

We successfully generated and submitted a novel DNA part.

3.) Detailed Attribution

On our Attributions page, a detailed report is available of student contributions as well as support received.

4.) Complete the Interlab Study

Successful completion of the Interlab Study is documented here.

Silver Medal Criterion Completion

1.) Part Validation

Validation of our submitted part can be found under our Results page.

2.) Collaboration

We entered into collaboration with the Purdue IGEM team to receive valuable mentorship in starting up an Iowa team. Our experience is documented here

3.)Human Practices

Our team led and was involved in several human practices activities. Our work can be found on these 2 pages: HP & Engagement