Team:UiOslo Norway/Meetings


-Hey Elisabeth! New (bio)-physicist. Starting master next semester. Can also take responsiblity of social media.
-Most of us is done with the presentation-part. Elisabeth and Hilde posted about the presentation on social media.
-Apparently Hilde volunteered to take minutes, she will continue to do this.

-Presentation practice on Wedensday. Eirik, Aman and Tharald will be presenting, they will schedule a time.
-Eirik will fix the presentation (PP)
-Start to perpare, or at least have it on our minds, for future presentation. Selling point, make sure it make sense for non-bio-people, this is important stuff to think about.

-Remember: Always two people at the lab due to security and help.

-Nobody had time to contact the previus teams since last meeting.
-Contact Denmark, they have one optimized for yeast, probably one for E.coli as well. (Adel will do this) Make sure Eric reads through before we contact them
-Contact Cambrigde - they have two different parts. (Adel will do this). Same as above.
-Take the biobrick we already have and use that. (Eirik will take a look at it?)

-We haven’t done anything yet. Hilde will contact Joakim when she is done with her home exam.

For next meeting (Monday 18:15)
-Group picture for social media.
-Thinking about social stuff we can do togheter?
-Went very well, got two new members!
-Hi Kristina and Hallvard!
-22. may new presentation?

-We should contact potential sponsors
-Elisabeth will talk to Max about what the 2016-team did.
-Make sure they know what iGEM is, that should make it easier.
-Find out how we will ”sell” our project. We need a good pitch around 7 minutes.
-Oslotech - potential help to point out sponsors.
-Check out if iGEM have some simple slides we can use.

-Eirik are looking at biobricks
-Hilde is trying to figure out the physics stuff, are meeting Joakim hopefully next week.
-Adel did send out request for biobricks: problem with cambridge, no active student - sent to supervisor. Also sent out to Copenhagen, to the supervisor.
-Nordic iGEM conferance in late june? Three days, Fri-Sun

-Trying to find from other teams
-There is stuff in the lab right now
-We have last years as well
-Make list of what we use from other teams, and other stuff we are judged on. - What concentration to we need? - test differnt concentrations.

-We need to start to talk to Science Libary, they can help us to get started. (Aman)

-We want to socialize! Barbeque in the next couple of weeks?

- Next meeting will be on Wednesday due to Easter
- EVERYONE: Go through the jugding list, so we know what we need to do.
- Hilde: Shcedule with Joakim so he can meet us on Wednesday after 16.
- EVERYONE: Start to think about how we can ”sell” our project.
- Elisabeth: Look at sponsors and talk to Max
- Aman: Talk to Kirsten about the wiki, someone at the Science Libary can help us.
Weekly updates from everyone
-Not much

-Hilde to talk with Joachim tomorrow.
-Talk with Athanasios. Want to start as soon as humanly possible.

-if (replyFromCambridge == true) {
useThatPart = true;
} else {
2016 GFP part += Histidine tag

Nordic iGEM conference, set to 9th-11th June
-Fucking terrible timing. >=[
-Seems accommodations might be covered; they're still working on this.
-Travel expenses will not be covered, however.
-Start planning something as soon as possible.

Wiki workshop
-Kirsten sent us a message on slack in regards to learning to operate the wiki.
-Vote over date.

Social stuff?
-Have a get-together soon, perhaps this weekend?

-Talk to OsloTech
-Plan GFP-experiments
- look at how to catalogue existing parts
- make a sympa list for this years iGEM team
New members! Welcome!
- Helloooo to you guys! Eirik will invite you to Slack, you need to sign up to the iGEM page to be a part of the team.
- One of the team has gotten really sick, feel better soon!

Weekly updates from everyone
-Eirik: research on Biolaser. In contact with Trondheim as well, maybe a Norwegian meetup?
-Hilde: Talked to Joakim, stressed with school stuff, looking into how to solve the physics part. Made a mailing list.
-Kristina: Looking into the handbook. Got two new members!
-Aman: Read some laser stuff. Wiki-workshop the 8th of May.
-Adel: Talked to Cambridge and Copenhagen, Prof. Chris Workman (DTU, Copenhagen) to check his Lab for finding previous iGEM parts (Yeast-optimized GFP variants & maybe Ecoli version)

Laser and GFP - update
-We need some mirrors, Eirik an Hilde will look at this next Tuesday(? gonna schedule on slack if anybody else wanna join). We have some options but life is easier if we are able to get the mirrors soon.
-Still looking at parts.
-Yay - we got our kit!
-Concerns around photobleach - we can use pulses and visible light, so shouldn’t be a problem.
-We have some concerns, but will look into it when we have time. Regarding dye that is not GFP.
-Gonna look into lab work when we know more about our concerns, maybe some lab next week?

Nordic iGEM conference June 9th-11th
-Bad timing for everyone. Everyone has exams. Eirik will tell them this.

Sponsoring, outreach, social media
-Eirik talked to Elisabeth (she is sick today - feel better soon!). She will talk to Oslotech.
-Eirik and Hilde will look somewhat into sponsoring next week regarding the mirrors.
-We need a pitch!! Feel free to help Elisabeth with this.
-What it is the cost maybe?
-Hilde will try to contact a guy she knows.
- Dejana will try to contact Ana Kucera?

Social stuff
-Try do figure something out on Slack? Early June? Eat dinner together at Fredrikke some time since we all will basically live on Blindern, bbq maybe?
- Fredagspub this Friday with some other iGEM team.

-Change the regular meeting time? Which day are people free at 4 pm?
Hilde: Monday, some Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Kristina: Not Friday
Aman: Tuesday is best,
Adel: Not Tuesday
Eirik: Not Wednesday
Dejana & Can: all except Monday
Thing will probably be easier in a couple of weeks
Agenda 09.05.17
New member!
-Say hello to Elena!

Updates; what have people been doing the last week?

Starting labwork asap
- A lot of the theory necessary to start is done. We should try to get to the lab as soon as possible.
- Can we do it this week? Who has time?
-Initial plans are just E.Coli-transformation with GFP.

Project plan overall

-Supervisors have a meeting this Thursday, we need to get a basic experimental setup down (ref: Dirk), preferably with references to explain why we're doing what we're doing. Need to sit down and make this asap.

Activity logging
-There's a notebook-function in the iGEM wiki where we can note down what we've done each week. -It's recommended that we use this each week so that we know who has been doing what. Easy to set up (we can just copy-paste some tables).

-Anything more on this?

- Plz

Agenda 16.05.17
Weekly updates from everyone; what have you been doing?

Labwork has started; the more help the better!
-Please inform when you're free to join in the lab. This goes for everyone, the more available hands the better, even though you don't have prior lab experience.
-Plan thus far:
Thursday 16.30: short day
Friday 10.00: long day
Monday: 10.00: long day(?)
Tuesday 10.00: long day

Plan for meeting the competition goals
-Eric pointed out that we need a plan on how to reach individual goals for the competition. We should make this asap. Will probably take some time, but we need to have a sit-down and do it. When's a good time?
-As many as possible should participate, and everyone needs to be prepared for such a meeting (i.e. read the goals and think about how we can reach them).
Make a pitch for sponsors
- Someone needs to take responsibility for this.

New member(s)!
-Say hello to Helene! And, Elena, to those who haven't met her yet.

Updates; what have people been doing the last week?
- Eirik - talked to NTNU, maybe meetup this summer? Attended lab, read some articles
- Aman - Looked at Wiki stuff
- Adel - Attended lab,
- Dejana - Attended lab, calculating,
- Hilde - fixed the calendar, added people to mailinglist and stuff
- Elisabeth - Looked at mirror stuff with Hilde and realized we needed one more person
- Helene - joined the team!
- Dirk - Supervisor meeting

Labwork; progress
- We have a GFP - sample that should work, it is not completely pure, but should work.
- Now we need to go to the laser parts.

Project plan overall
-We need to read the criteria and make plan, at least the biobricks, people have exams.

Wiki and Activity logging
- Use wiki as a journal for the labwork. We can add pictures, we should also design a logo.
-Aman can help us. Please look at previous wiki or other webpage so we can brainstorm for the design.

- Elisabeth and Eirik will finalize a pitch, and then Elisabeth will go to people after her final exam (15th of june).
- Carl Zeiss AS, is maybe a company we can contact.
- Maybe we don’t need to wait for a sponsor for getting a mirror. Give a number to Dirk and maybe we can order some.

Meeting with CEES / updates on yeast lab?
- We will make a doodle, deadline for answering is tomorrow. We will need to pitch a plan for them before we can start.

- Done

- Make plan for the judging criteria
- Go to the CEES lab, schedule it
- Can we make an easier laser, just switch out the light in the middle with the sample?
- Talking about lasers and stuff: contact Oddmund Bakke for equipment to cannibalize
- Delft printed biofilm and stuff; make things affordable is a good idea
- Create project plan by flowchart:
figure out what we actually need, building a project with the different parts in mind
make it stepwise
Basic steps most important
Tie it in to the judging / medal criteria
Compare the superfolded GFP we used to the parts that are in the registry.
Agenda 19.06.17
- Can we use just plain LED light or do we need, we need to look at what kind of GFP we have
What have we been doing?
- Eirik: Have been talking to Dirk and Eric, have had exams.
- Dejana and Can (head of Labwork) can take responsibilty for the bio-stuff.
- Elisabeth is "responsible" for human practices
- The physicists can manage the physics stuff.

- We will have a presentation on June 30th. There gonna be a sponsering potential from that presentation. Can will be helping, try to show up - not all have to talk but it is positive if everyone try to show up.
- There wil be trialrun next Wedensday at 17.00 (28th) we will have this with a weekly meeting. Remember to add it to the calendar!
- We need to fix a GFP biobrick. And fix the GFP for yeast. Good for medal criteria. Every single genetic bio unit, is a part. (Like a promoter)
- We need to figure out the GFP sequence, and we need to look at the iGEM registry to see if someone has the same. REMEMBER TO DOCUMENT THIS, post it on wiki.
- Two deadlines is coming up; safty forms and description. Talk to Sandra regarding safty forms for the yeast part. Maybe for laser if we end up using a laser (Maybe Elisabeth can talk to Joakim regarding this tomorrow?).
- Eirik and Hilde will look at the project description.
- Travel visas: We should fix this asap. Do this by the end of the week? Post on Slack when you have done it? iGEM can provide documentation if needed. CHECK YOUR PASSPORT - maybe it expiers and you need a new one.
- Visa application (Norwegian):
- Use slack for communication.
- We need to update the social media channels!
- Meetup with NTNU - maybe in Trondheim sometime in the first week of August. Maybe bad timing? Make a doodle.
- Make a short bio about ourself and send to it Aman. He will make a format and we will use that.
- If you do not have access to the calendar talk to Hilde (give her an email she can add).
Agenda 28.06.17 Presentation and feedback
Summary of the sfGFP sequence alignments
- Currently our sfGFP DNA sequence doesn't seem to exist in the registry. This means we can submit it if I'm not mistaken? As a modified or new part?
-Talk to Sandra in regards to what parts need to be used, and if she has any terminators or promoters that can be useful to submit. S. Pombe is slightly different from S. Cerevisiae after all. Should cover most bases on parts? - Amino acid alignments necessary. Someone needs to do this asap. Not fun, but necessary.
3 - Meeting with OsloTech tomorrow What to do, what to expect? What can we ask for? Oslo Innovation Week? Need to put particular focus on the laser setup, as that's the biggest roadblock right now. Other sponsors are also relevant. What else do we need? 4 - Script Can and Aman made a really nifty script for searching through the parts distributions and finding parts with relevant keywords. Is put up on git, could be useful to develop further and talk to other teams about it. Perhaps this is something we could collaborate with another team on? 5 - Finalize things with Sandra, then start asap. We also need to make some sort of plan for the InterLab. 6 - Misc?
Updates since last
- We held a presentation - it went well, we got good feedback regarding the presentation.
- We had a meeting with Oslotech, they want us to attend The Cutting Edge with NTNU, 29th of Sep. They can help us regarding pitching and PR, and work on this after we are finished with iGEM.
- We have started lab, and working on the Wiki. GREAT JOB EVERYBODY! Keep up the good work!
- Eirik has been working on primer and cloning stuff. Should be able to order stuff this week so we can start next week.
- MBV people - look at slack.
- Wiki - Design is decided, need help to get pictures. What else can we have on the front page? Just pitch ideas and take pictures. Upload stuff on drive, WRITE YOUR NAME so Aman can check before he uploads.
- Phys - Made a LED source, people with keys went on holiday and locked everything, still no laser. Missing mirros, might travel to Gøteborg to see the company who might av mirrors and laser. Can use a microscope at bio to check if the sample lases.

NTNU meetup
- 1-3th Sep, Eirik, Dejana, Kristina, Aman, Elisbeth, Elena is interested.
- We are holding a presentation - good practice for the jamboree.
- Social stuff.
- Accomodation - rent instead of sleep on couches. Elena can look into a airBnB.

- Apply for a Visa - If you do not know a answer, just write "UNKOWN", or "0" at phonenumbers.
- There is a lot to be done! Just post in the task channel if you need help! (document this, answer on slack that you have done it)
- Kristina can do phonestuff, as she is not in town, ask her for help!
- Kristina will also do some MBV stuff for Eirik.

Team meetup this weekend?
- Barbeque and Bowling on Sunday at five, meet up at Eirik's.
- We will also take a team picture.

- Human R. - starting on social media, need to call local papers. Write a blog post?
- Hilde can contact the buddy-manager at Phys, so we might be presenting at the buddy-week "Forskersafari"
- Also we are holding a presentation in a bio-class.
- NTNU will help us, and we the, with caractrazing a part.
-Phys people have been at the lab, and have been strugglig, thought we had some result but was sadly just dirt. Have not given up LED yet, we need to figure out how to optimize the intensity for the LED. Found some forums online that might be helpefull. Need more GFP. There are some people that have a laser in a microscope that we should be able to use to prove the consept with yeast.
- Aman have been working on the design, would like more feedback and more content. Link:
- Can and Dejana have started the labwork, and preparing the labwork. Have done the internlab.
- Eirik have been at work, have been writing a bit. Have been doing some labwork for the internlab study. Ordering parts
- We will get free accomadation. Should be looking at travel tickets togheter.
- Need to make a poster.
- Elsibeth will try to get a roll up sponsered.
- It seems to bee cheap to take Norwegian (UNDER26)
- Who will be going? Elisabeth, Helene and Hilde can not go.
- Will be buying tickets tomorrow.

- For some bio and bio-physics. There is a doodle ANSWER it (if you know if you are free).
- We have one for the new phys students on August 15th around 11 am to 1 pm.
- Cutting Edge in the end of September.
- Also one (Norway makers) after Cutting edge. We will have some stuff left from Cutting Edge so should be faily easy to implement.

- Done, Kristina is responisble for sending the results. Eirik will send something to her.

Wiki (
- Need pictures of all of us including supervisors. Hopefully from the same spot.
- Need content, just start somewhere, can alwyas be changed.
What have people been doing?
- Kristina: Labwork. Colonies from transformation are occasionally red. It's weird. Filled in forms for InterLab study, we need to fill in the wiki webpage.
- Hallvard: Presentation.
- Dejana: Labwork. Suggests getting information for writing protocols. Applied for visa. Plans on labwork.
- Can: Talked to Cinzia, we'll present on the 31st. Planned labwork.
- Aman: Wiki work, design. Need content. Like, really.
- Eirik: Labwork, presentations, wiki work, ethics discussion, communication

Other stuff
- Agnieszka wants us to take notes / tables of what we're using, and how much we're using. Should have notes for this and somewhere to keep notes of it. nmt1 and cyc1 cloned into vectors. Needs to be miniprepped and sequenced.
- Gibson and miniprep on the combined parts needs to be done. Then transform into yeast.
-sfGFP: we need to do this by ourselves this time, but with more media. Communication issues need to be solved.
- Poster for Trondheim? Sunday?
caps for importance

-Leave on the 8th, arrive the 9th. Leave the 12th, arrive the 13th.
- Flight booking: book the people with complicated procedures later, the reservations for hotels and flights for everyone else next week.
-Hotel rooms: outside of conference hotel, like AirBnB. Cheapest last year was conference hotel, Heinz convention area, has special rates for iGEM. 4 people per bed, $200 per room. No breakfast, expensive-as-fuck food at the hotel.
-Sort this out next week. Elena checks other accomodations.
-Represent own team, look at what other teams are doing. Check posters AND presentation.
- Judged on: presentation, performance on the poster, wiki
-We need to set up a way for everyone to be able to talk about the entire project.
- Get people to give feedback.
- Get something to lure people in. Laser setup? Models made out of paper?

< - Eirik - Done a bit of everything. Prepared to work on outreach and wiki documentation.
- Elisabeth - Physics lab and sponsoring. Plans on working with both things forward.
- Elena - Mostly done labwork. Available for labwork.
- Hallvard - Labwork. Presentations and outreach forward.
- Adel - Labwork and safety forms, ethics discussion. Labwork forward.
- Aman - Wiki design. Basic template finished. Going forward with design.
- Kristina - Labwork, forms for the interlab study. Labwork and wiki.
- Can - Labwork and organizing labwork.
- Dejana - Labwork, organizing labwork.
- Updates on the Visas. All(?) of the Norwegians have been approved.
- Talking about hotels. Elena and Eric will look at options (maybe a house?)
- Talking about lab work ahead. Make a inventory list if it is not made of bio-stuff. We need to be orginaized. Eric will contact Can and Dejana.
- Eric need to have a meeting with seperate phys- and mb-people.
- Who is holding the presentation next week? Elena, Elisabeth are able to attend. More people would be great! Who is holding the NTNU presentation? (Kristina and Eirik volunteered.)
- Could we please not have the weekly meeting on Tuesdays at 8 am? It makes Hilde have 10 hour days every week..
- Everybody will be asked about the project so EVERYBODY (including phys and inf) has to learn MB stuff. Everybody also needs to be able to present the whole project.
- WE NEED MORE CONTENT ON THE WIKI GUYS! Start writing when you have some spare time.
- Eric needs your passport numbers!!
Agenda 28.08.17
Weekly updates.
- What have people been doing?

Trondheim Cutting Edge Presentation Project description deadline this week; needs to be finished Physics update Misc
NTNU meeting roundup
- Learned a bunch
- reimbursement
- Suggestion for the presentation
new presentation

- we'll be doing primer design
- let them look at the script?
- animations?

Labwork planning
- French press: Eirik and Elena
- cyc1: mostly done, needs miniprep + sequencing
-nmt1: mostly done, needs miniprep + sequencing (primer design?)
- composite part: miniprep + transformation
- miniprep-kits: fixing ours, or getting a new one?
- pre-PCR-lab? Ask to use that?

Wiki evening (with pizza)
- Aman takes care of it.

Cutting Edge
- Tickets
- Poster

- Animation: how to do?
- labwork is going fine. We can transform yeast cells now, so let's contact Sandra @canht @dejanica
- Eric asked if we should take the project a step further once we manage to do everything we've done thus far; I suggest trying to repress the nmt1-promoter and test it both in a regular spectrophotometer and in our laser to see the results. Kills several birds with one stone; more results, better nmt1-documentation, and we get to test the setup
- Waiting for replies from Joakim when it comes to mirrors; this will probably work out just fine after all. Crisis averted
- Helene and Elisabeth will start working on a poster design. Helene and Eirik will fix the presentation. We MIGHT get tickets, we just need to fix some stuff with Hotswap
- Wiki getting updated and it's looking sweeeeeet
- Still lacking ideas for NTNU-collab
-MB-lab: Have done the PCR, not the gel. Sent out the four miniprep for sequenzing. Update during the meeting: Gel is casted thanks to @Elena and @Eric!
- Phys-lab: Finaly got a go on ordering mirrors, has also asked about filters. Will go to the microscope today to test the sfGFP.
- Eirk: We got the sfGFP part in the mail. Need to check some stuff (cloning?) and then send off.
- Cutting-Edge: Fix tickets today! @Helene and @Elisabeth will work on the poster. @Hilde will make a doodle for signing up for time slots.

-Will prioritize Gøteborg.
- Gøteborg: Will talk to Thorlabs when a visit will take place, the iGEM team wants to have a meet up.

Update on visas:

- @Elisabeth e-mailed Thorlabs
- @Aman: update on the sponsering you talked about?
- @Elisabeth will talk to banks.

Mol. bio. laboratory updates
- The PCR did not work, haven't checked the stuff made this weekend.
- Need to check if the Gibson did work. If not go for plan B and talk to Sandra.

Physics updates
- Setup works
- Wait for mirrors
- Could clearly see that one of the samples did not work

Cutting Edge
- Tomorrow!
- Poster, printing today.
- Sadly no presentation.
- Need to set up the stuff today before 11 pm.
- Postersession from 11 am to 17.30. When are people free to do a postersession?

- NTNU: we need to finish our yeast vector and get a protocol
- Leuven practice jamboree: final decision on this. Sadly we do not have time.

Other stuff
- Wiki sitdown this weekend
There's less than a month until the wiki freeze now; we need to put is as much time as humanly possible.
to do, molecular biology
-Clone everything into submission vectors and submit them. cyc1 is already in it's vector. Now we need to do the same for nmt1 and sfGFP as well.
-New batch of composite part arrives this week (hopefully). In the meantime we're transforming the yeast at Sandra's lab with an existing protein. Dejana fixing this later today. Need someone at the lab pretty much every day.
- We'll likely get some stuff from NTNU relatively soon, as well. They'll send protocols. This is a pretty important point for collaboration.
- What Eirik said.

to do, physics
- Worked on the wiki on Sunday, Thorlabs is sending the mirrors and filters now so we will hopefully have the setup ready for when the yeast is ready.

-We're having a workshop this Wednesday, but we'll probably need to do these pretty often going forwards, maybe even once a week. We just need to write stuff now.
- Agreed, at least once a week.
- nmt1 cloning underway, cyc1 is done, composite part and sfGFP still needs to be cloned into both their vectors
- Yeast cells short lived? Needs more planning. We should also ask WHY they're so short lived
- Thorlabs incoming in a few days, yeast needs to be timed properly
- Everyone needs to write stuff for the wiki. We'll assign different tasks to different people by the week. If you want to write on anything in particular, inform as early as possible (or even better, start writing on it
- We're starting t-shirt design now. Everyone at the meeting voted on which logo to use, and decided on the one Hilde designed. We'll get sponsors to pay for this
- Wiki. Write stuff. Shows up twice because this is really fucking important. Aman will organize workshops each week from now. We should aim to be over 80% done when there's a week left.
This meeting was pretty short, so the minutes are pretty much as follows:
- We'll try to do A3-cloning on the composite part, and clone the sfGFP and nmt1 into submission vectors in paralell. The yeast cells should be done pretty soon
- Wiki stuff: mostly what I said yesterday, but everyone also needs to add what they've done to the attributions-page
- Someone needs to take responsibility for getting vectorized graphics for the t-shirts, and then ordering them. Suggested Elisabeth for this
Agenda 23.10.17 Last week!
- We're nearly at the finish line, and there's still quite a bit of work left.
- As such, we NEED to devote as much time as possible to the project for the few remaining days. The key parts are related to the wiki and the remaining labwork, so that's where we should spend our energy.
-If anyone's unsure of what to do, PLEASE ASK rather than feeling confused and not doing anything because of that. Again, we need to spend the little time we have remaining effectively. Regardless, everyone should be trying to contribute as much as possible to either the wiki or the labwork now. One, the other, or preferably both.

Remaining labwork
- cyc1 is done, nmt1 is complete when we get the sequencing data. We should still ship these to iGEM HQ today.
- Gonna check if the composite part gibson worked. If it didn't, we'll be making new plasmids with overhangs and try to clone it into those. Primers should arrive today, Eric will fix it. We NEED to start this. If we manage to get it into pJK148 and clone it before the wiki freeze, that'll be a HUGE boon for our project. I can't stress this enough; this is super-important.
- Gibson cloning on the sfGFP. This hasn't happened yet, unfortunately, and we need to do this. Should be started instantly after this meeting is done.
- Hallvard is making some more yeast, if I'm not mistaken?
- More measurement done for the physics part to check for lasing? Someone update
- NTNU collaboration: needs to start today. Four day protocol, but really simple and not really time consuming.

Remaining stuff on the wiki
- Most of the text has been written already, which is good.
-We still have a bunch of lacking content and fine-tuning left, however. Because of this, we'll do tuning and fixing for now until Wednesday, when we'll ask all the supervisors to look through what we've done thus far and provide feedback. We'll do this for every second day remaining until the actual wiki freeze, to ensure we get feedback and get that stuff fixed as soon as possible.
- Also, the text obviously needs to be actually added to the wiki, too. We should have more wiki get-togethers. As many as possible, in fact. Aman, set this up?
- images. We have a bunch of them. Upload them (check upload requirements) and we'll get them in. Look at how past wikis have done this if you want suggestions on how to actually use the images
- references. There's a HUGE bunch of these and they need to be added. Just do this. It goes relatively quick and is really really really fucking important. Don't worry about referencing style; getting this consistent and functional is one of the last things we'll do before the freeze, we just need the actual references. I think Helene has a list of referencing material we can use.
- Work documentation: this is a bit tricky. We have the notebook page, but it never got used, so I think we should scrap it and rethink it. Everyone wrote yellow notes on what they did some time back; add this to what you've done. We'll figure out a way to organize this once everyone has done so. I'll provide a dummy file as suggestion for how to fix this.
- Labwork / results: we have the text, we just need to organize this. The protocols should be separate from the results.
- Stuff I've forgotten: PLEASE INFORM ME
- Everything in order on traveling and accommodations?

T-shirts / hoodies?
- Working on it!

- Wiki stuff
- We need to fix pictures, Aman help?
- Refecenses.
- Split the protocols maybe?, need more protocols, yeast?
- Results/discussion
- Formatting
- The cat needs to go :(
-Poster needs to be sent to Reprosentralen by Friday
-We will use the day to write